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Activity Records

Report - Recent Activities of the AOA Secretariat

We would like to report on the outline of the activities of the AOA Secretariat following the AOA General Meeting in London (October 2017) as follows.
Time Place Event, counterparty
Nov. – Dec. 2017 Colombo,
Sri Lanka
AOA members’ Study Group Visit

Dr. Kiriwandeniya, SICL
Participants: Asia Affinity Holdings (Hong Kong), DHAN Foundation (India), CARD MRI (Philippines), Co-operative Insurance Company Ltd (Sri Lanka), Amana Takaful Limited (Sri Lanka), Zenrosai (Japan), Zenkyoren (Japan), The Insutitute for the Development of Agricultural Cooperation in Asia (IDACA) (Japan), and others
Nov. 2017 Colombo,
Sri Lanka
Member visits

Amana Takaful
 Jan. 2018 Tokyo, Japan Supporting the visit of the ICMIF Secretariat



Jan. – Feb.  2018 Seoul,
Republic of Korea
Member visits

Joint visit with the ICMIF Secretariat

With People of NH Life
Feb. 2018 Tokyo, Japan The 1st Board of Directors Meeting 2018
Apr. 2018 Manchester,
ICMIF Executive Committee Meeting

Apr. 2018 Tokyo, Japan The 2nd Board of Directors Meeting 2018
Apr. 2018 Madurai & Mumbai,
Member visits

DHAN Foundation
Relating to ICMIF 5-5-5 Strategy

With the medical staff of Uplift Mutuals
May 2018 Manila,
Meeting relating to microinsurance promotion

With Jun Jay Perez of RIMANSI
May 2018 Manila & Quezon,
Member visits

May 2018 Hong Kong Meeting relating to AOA Seminar

Royal Plaza Hotel
Jun. 2018 Tokyo, Japan Supporting the visit of 1CISP delegation from the Philippines

1CISP delegation at Zenrosai
Jul. 2018 Manchester,
ICMIF Strategy Workshop


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