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seminars 11 March 2024 Japanese Young Leader shares his experiences of the AOA Young Leader ProgrammeOther
icmif_member_news 21 November 2023 ICMIF launches world’s first Insurance SDG Benchmark measuring the impact of insurance on the UN Sustainable Development GoalsSDGsClimate / EnvironmentDigital
icmif_member_news 20 November 2023 New ICMIF report confirms members have USD 1 trillion in assets under management aligned to sustainable investment frameworksSDGsInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 16 March 2023 Halwell Mutual Insurance Company partners with Applied Systems to enable real-time commercial lines ratingDigital
icmif_member_news 13 March 2023 New European mutual launched to provide additional capacity for cyber risksOther
icmif_member_news 7 March 2023 ICMIF members around the world announce generous donations to help rescue efforts in Türkiye and Syria after the earthquakeContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 14 February 2023 MAIF announces climate dividend with pledge to give 10% of its profits to the planetOther
icmif_member_news 14 February 2023 LocalTapiola contributes EUR 310,000 to help build tools for regional climate change risk preparedness in FinlandSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 14 February 2023 R+V employees raise record amount for Christmas fundraising campaign
icmif_member_news 14 February 2023 LB Forsikring pays record loyalty discount back to membersLB保険(デンマーク)が記録的な優良顧客割戻しを組合員に行ないましたContribution
icmif_member_news 13 February 2023 Achmea publishes Climate Transition PlanSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 13 February 2023 Achmea Innovation Fund invests in insurtech offering embedded insurance for freelancersNew productsDigitalInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 10 February 2023 Cornish Mutual invests in regenerative farming start-upInvesting / FundOther
icmif_member_news 10 February 2023 ICMIF members Beneva and Wawanesa Insurance each raise over CAD 1 million to support local communities in CanadaContribution
icmif_member_news 9 February 2023 CEO of the Sancor Seguros Group meets with Pope Francis at the VaticanOther
icmif_member_news 7 February 2023 African Risk Capacity launches parametric insurance product against high-impact epidemic risksNew productsPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 7 February 2023 Royal London improves mental health underwritingOther
icmif_member_news 31 January 2023 Folksam begins collaboration with pregnancy app to offer child and pregnancy insurance to its usersNew productsDigital
icmif_member_news 31 January 2023 Promutuel Insurance and its employees raise record amount to support people in needContributionOther
icmif_member_news 26 January 2023 Simplyhealth launches Venture Capital fund ‘Simplyhealth Ventures’Investing / FundContribution
icmif_member_news 26 January 2023 Unipol launches online flexible benefits platform WelbeeDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 24 January 2023 Aéma Groupe reinforces its climate strategy through new environmental commitmentsSDGsPreventionInvesting / FundOther
icmif_member_news 23 January 2023 Guy Carpenter launches MetaRisk® Live to enable real-time reinsurance strategy optimisationDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 23 January 2023 OneFamily to acquire Beagle Street to support insurance needs of the underservedBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 23 January 2023 Co-op Insurance to offer home insurance through Amazon Insurance Store to millions of UK customersDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 21 December 2022 Halwell Mutual and The Commonwell named as best insurance workplaces in Canadaハルウェル・ミューチュアルと コモンウェルがカナダの保険業界で最高の職場に選ばれましたOther
icmif_member_news 20 December 2022 EMC Insurance recognised as industry-leading insurer by independent agentsBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 20 December 2022 Digitalisation enables Río Uruguay Seguros to reduce its carbon footprint by 62%SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 20 December 2022 Wawanesa Insurance & Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction partner to provide six wildfire prevention grantsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 19 December 2022 Co-operators launches Sustainable Investment Portfolios to help investors build wealth while making an impact on the things that matter mostSDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 19 December 2022 MAIF continues to deploy its climate strategy with announcement of investment targets for 2025SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 16 December 2022 CIC Group launches medical cover for cooperatives in KenyaNew products
icmif_member_news 16 December 2022 Folksam in new collaboration with the start-up electric motorcycle and electric moped manufacturer CAKESDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 16 December 2022 Wawanesa, Desjardins and Gore Mutual announce support for Canadian communities impacted by Hurricane FionaContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 15 December 2022 New video solution will help LB Forsikring give members an even better claims experienceDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 15 December 2022 Gallagher Re launches new academic research centreOther
icmif_member_news 8 December 2022 The P&V Group extends its commitment to sustainable mobility by investing in the bicycle leasing company JouleP&V グループ(ベルギー)は、自転車リース会社 Joule への出資により持続可能な移動手段への取り組みを拡大しますSDGsClimate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 7 December 2022 AVBOB’s Road to Literacy campaign donates 180 mobile trolley libraries to primary schools across South AfricaContributionOther
icmif_member_news 6 December 2022 Unipol announces strategic partnership with Shell to develop new mobility solutions and contribute to ecological transitionOther
icmif_member_news 5 December 2022 Desjardins becomes first Canadian financial institution to place new annuities exclusively into ESG-screened investmentsSDGsNew productsInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 30 November 2022 Univé expands insurance cover for clear up costs and environmental damage after solar panel firesOther
icmif_member_news 30 November 2022 IPB Insurance supports social enterprises across IrelandContributionOther
icmif_member_news 29 November 2022 Guy Carpenter shares emerging reinsurance thought leadership in new podcast seriesOther
icmif_member_news 28 November 2022 Vaudoise Assurances makes a commitment to support innovation in digital health with the Future of Health GrantOther
icmif_member_news 28 November 2022 NFU Mutual Charitable Trust’s first round of funding in 2022 delivers GBP 455,000 of donations for UK rural causesContributionOther
icmif_member_news 28 November 2022 DEVK encourages use of climate-friendly public transport with incentives for policyholders to save money on their car insuranceSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 25 November 2022 OneFamily is finding ways to inspire better futures for the next generationContributionOther
icmif_member_news 25 November 2022 Anadolu Sigorta is first Turkish insurer to receive certification for its research and development centre from the Ministry of Industry and TechnologyDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 22 November 2022 EY announces enhancement of its Insurance Industry Cloud for SAP solutions to help insurance organisations accelerate digital transformationDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 22 November 2022 Shelter Insurance recognised for disability workplace inclusion and equalitySDGsBrandingContributionOther
icmif_member_news 21 November 2022 Ecclesiastical offers advice and support for schools looking to improve their sustainabilitySDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 18 November 2022 African Risk Capacity hosts regional meeting to address the role insurance has in fighting climate changeSDGsClimate / EnvironmentContributionOther
icmif_member_news 17 November 2022 Swiss Re awarded Silver status in Stonewall’s Global Workplace Equality Index and placed among Top Global Employers for 2022SDGsOther
icmif_member_news 16 November 2022 ICMIF launches Insurance SDG Calculator, pioneering insurance sustainability impact quantificationSDGsNew productsDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 10 November 2022 Rob Wesseling of Co-operators appointed new Chair of ICMIFOther
icmif_member_news 7 November 2022 Folksam donates SEK 1 million to support agriculture in developing countriesSDGsInvesting / FundContributionOther
icmif_member_news 7 November 2022 MAIF launches an insurance offer in partnership with CoopCycle for users of delivery bicyclesNew products
icmif_member_news 7 November 2022 Wawanesa expands partnership with cloud-based software provider Applied to enable real-time commercial lines ratingDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 2 November 2022 Going green earns ICMIF member silver accreditationSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionBranding
icmif_member_news 2 November 2022 CIC Insurance Group launches accident scene management service in partnership with AA KenyaOther
icmif_member_news 2 November 2022 Seguros Unimed creates new business area to meet the future health needs of SMEs in Brazil
icmif_member_news 1 November 2022 LB Forsikring survey shows increased living costs are causing people to consider reducing or cancelling insurance coverOther
icmif_member_news 1 November 2022 EMC recognised for business impact of data modernisation efforts with technology awardDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 31 October 2022 R+V is the first German insurer to offer a digital car insurance card for smartphonesDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 31 October 2022 Simplyhealth becomes certified B CorporationSDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / FundOther
icmif_member_news 27 October 2022 Gore Mutual aligns its Purpose strategy with three SDGs and launches new grant programme to spread good to charities and non-profitsSDGsBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 27 October 2022 Achmea acquires digital platform Tiptrack to strengthen its position in the sustainable employer marketDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 27 October 2022 Folksam CEO Ylva Wessén spoke in high-level meeting on global road safety at UN General AssemblyPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 26 October 2022 Red River Mutual’s community support campaign recognised for commitment to mutuality in annual NAMIC awardsBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 26 October 2022 Länsförsäkringar sees a positive climate effect of its forest investmentsSDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 26 October 2022 Rio Uruguay Seguros collaborates in launch of Ayllu: a first of its kind insurance for migrants living in ArgentinaNew products
icmif_member_news 26 October 2022 Support from African Risk Capacity helps Zambia recover from extreme drought event in 2021/2022 agriculture seasonOther
icmif_member_news 25 October 2022 NFU Mutual supports staff and communities during Mental Health Awareness Week and beyondContributionOther
icmif_member_news 25 October 2022 La Segunda has reaffirmed its commitment to its membership of the United Nations Global Compact ArgentinaOther
icmif_member_news 17 June 2022 Folksam Group invests SEK 1 billion to develop agriculture and reduce food shortages in the world’s poorer countriesSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 17 June 2022 During Pride Month Beneva announces its support for members undergoing a gender transitionNew productsOther
icmif_member_news 17 June 2022 R+V receives highest award of Corporate Brand of the Year at German Brand Awards 2022BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 14 June 2022 NFU Mutual becomes the first UK insurer to receive Carbon Literacy Bronze statusSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 14 June 2022 Dina Försäkringar and Landshypotek Bank deepen their collaboration to increase value for customers and increase market shareOther
aoa_member_news 13 June 2022 Rural mutual insurers FMG and NFU Mutual ranked as best workplaces in the worldOther
icmif_member_news 13 June 2022 Unipol sets out sustainability targets in next strategic plan and joins the Net-Zero Asset Owner AllianceSDGsClimate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 10 June 2022 Beneva expands partnership with Université Laval to support the success, health and well-being of the communityOther
icmif_member_news 10 June 2022 Folksam to introduce video inspection service to assess property and motor claims remotelyDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 8 June 2022 Simplyhealth makes second significant investment in digital health start-upInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 8 June 2022 Co-operators renews commitment to building flood resilienceClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 8 June 2022 Gore Mutual knocks on doors of customers hardest hit by recent derecho storm in OntarioOther
icmif_member_news 3 June 2022 NFU Mutual named Which? Insurance Brand of the YearBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 1 June 2022 La Mobilière and the Swiss Army agree to exchange knowledge in areas such as cyber securityDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 19 May 2022 The IMA Group confirms its investment strategy and positions itself as a “mentor accelerator” of start-ups to enrich its offeringBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 18 May 2022 AVBOB and PPS help South African school children cycle their way into a brighter futurePandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 18 May 2022 Desjardins promotes sustainable mobility solutions for its members, clients and employeesSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 18 May 2022 PG Mutual partners with Validium to provide wellbeing counselling servicesOther
icmif_member_news 17 May 2022 Beneva supports university research to combat anxietyPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 16 May 2022 Simplyhealth takes majority stake in eyecare platform OcuplanPreventionInvesting / FundOther
icmif_member_news 13 May 2022 Wawanesa introduces new insurance products to help Canadians make their homes more resilient to climate changeSDGsClimate / EnvironmentNew products
icmif_member_news 12 May 2022 Fast accident reporting: HUK-COBURG launches automatic claims service for telematics customersDigital
icmif_member_news 12 May 2022 Folksam ranked the best in the industry on gender equality once againOther
icmif_member_news 11 May 2022 Wawanesa upgrades its broker platform aiming to become easier to do business withOther
icmif_member_news 10 May 2022 Co-operators launches holistic cyber-insurance offering greater protection for Canadian businessesNew productsDigital
icmif_member_news 2 May 2022 PPS pays ZAR 6.1 billion in total benefits to members in 2021 Contribution
icmif_member_news 21 April 2022 NFU Mutual furthers support for flood victims in the UK by joining new Flood Re schemeOther
icmif_member_news 19 April 2022 The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia and Germania Mutual Insurance Company to mergeBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 18 April 2022 DEVK launches Germany’s first climate-friendly commercial vehicle rental serviceClimate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 18 April 2022 Now 1.8 million households have eco-labelled home insurance from Folksam SDGsClimate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 14 April 2022 AFM members paid out 94% of income protection claims in 2021 Other
icmif_member_news 13 April 2022 Vaudoise expands footprint in Swiss pet insurance market and announces a CHF 36 million profit share ContributionOther
icmif_member_news 13 April 2022 Co-operators provides investment for flood risk modelling and analysis specialist company GeosapiensClimate / EnvironmentDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 7 April 2022 Anadolu Sigorta’s “juno” app for digital-savvy millennials wins global industry award for transforming the customer experienceDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 7 April 2022 UnipolSai and global innovation platform Plug and Play reinforce their partnershipDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 6 April 2022 MDU offers free membership for doctors fleeing war in UkrainePandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 6 April 2022 Dina Försäkringar extends home insurance protection to Ukrainian refugees and provides salary supplements to employees who receive refugeesPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 6 April 2022 Co-operators appoints Executive Advisor, Climate Investing and Community Resilience to build momentum for new investments to support climate adaptation projects and climate-resilient infrastructureSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 5 April 2022 Thrivent to return almost USD 300 million in client dividends in 2022 Contribution
icmif_member_news 5 April 2022 Committed to shaping the insurance of the future, Promutuel Insurance invests in Portage Ventures III fundOther
icmif_member_news 4 April 2022 Desjardins invests CAD $3.2M to help keep Canadians safe on the roadContribution
icmif_member_news 4 April 2022 Ecclesiastical Insurance and Benefact Group sets ambition to become UK’s biggest corporate donor to charity Contribution
icmif_member_news 1 April 2022 Univé introduces Cyber Fit Service to train entrepreneurs and SMEs in working online safelyDigital
icmif_member_news 1 April 2022 PG Mutual offers Income Protection Plus initiative to healthcare workers through partnership with Blue Light Card Other
icmif_member_news 24 March 2022 Aviva Investors recognised with two awards for macro engagement and climate mitigation initiatives SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 22 March 2022 Länsförsäkringar brand ranked best in industry for sustainability by consumers SDGsBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 22 March 2022 NFU Mutual supports customers using private vehicles to deliver humanitarian aid for Ukraine and donates GBP 150,000 to DEC appeal ContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 18 March 2022 Ukraine war: R+V supports volunteers and refugees with non-contributory insurance cover and also donates EUR 800,000 to help victims Pandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 18 March 2022 Swiss Re partners with NTUC Income on a first-in-market longevity arrangement to shield against future variation in Income’s annuity book Other
icmif_member_news 17 March 2022 Royal London continues to share profits with customers Other
icmif_member_news 15 March 2022 Folksam President and CEO Ylva Wessén named 20th most powerful woman in Swedish businessOther
icmif_member_news 14 March 2022 DHAN Foundation and supporting CAMIC members brought together in first roundtable discussionContribution
icmif_member_news 10 March 2022 Insurance that does good: Gore Mutual launches refreshed brand identity for a purpose-driven, modern mutuaBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 3 March 2022 LB Forsikring expands contents and liability insurance to cover Ukrainian refugees who move in with a member policyholder Pandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 1 March 2022 Dina Försäkringar becomes part of the circular economy through cooperation with OmocomSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 1 March 2022 Folksam invests nearly SEK 4 billion in green bonds from the World BankClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 1 March 2022 R+V will be climate-neutral in its capital investments by 2050 SDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 21 February 2022 Five charities receive share of GBP 200,000 as part of Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good awards BrandingContribution
icmif_member_news 21 February 2022 The Commonwell donates CAD 1 million to local community projectsContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 18 February 2022 UnipolSai and Linear collaborate with Pedius app to provide inclusive roadside assistance serviceDigital
icmif_member_news 14 February 2022 DEVK commits to a Diversity CharterSDGs
icmif_member_news 14 February 2022 Polski Gaz TUW subscribes to insurance platform IBSuiteDigital
icmif_member_news 14 February 2022 NFU Mutual urges UK businesses to donate their surplus food Contribution
icmif_member_news 10 February 2022 Beneva seeks to prevent anxiety one concrete step at a time and invests CAD$ 1M ContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 10 February 2022 LocalTapiola launches free training opportunities to help entrepreneurs grow their businessesDigitalContributionOther
icmif_member_news 10 February 2022 Achmea will check the sustainability performance of its suppliers with EcoVadis SDGsOther
icmif_member_news 3 February 2022 Río Uruguay Seguros represents Argentina at international seminar on inclusive insurance Other
icmif_member_news 2 February 2022 NFU Mutual launches Net Zero RoadmapSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 1 February 2022 UK charities nominated by brokers receive share of GBP 120,000 Ecclesiastical Insurance’s “12 days of giving” campaign Contribution
icmif_member_news 31 January 2022 Co-operators contributes CAD 350,000 to fund zero waste lab start-up and first projectSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionContribution
icmif_member_news 28 January 2022 The P&V Group has been certified a Top Employer 2022 Other
icmif_member_news 28 January 2022 Co-operative Insurance Companies selects Betterview Remote Property Intelligence Platform to reduce loss control expensesDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 27 January 2022 Royal London lends a helping hand to wellbeingDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 21 January 2022 Swiss Re one of two pioneers to receive the Digital Trust Label – world’s first label for digital responsibility launched by the Swiss Digital Initiative DigitalBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 18 January 2022 NFU Mutual partners with Risk Solved to deliver improved digital loss control and health & safety services for its membersDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 17 January 2022 Beneva unveils first results of a study on corporate health and wellness practices Other
icmif_member_news 17 January 2022 HUK-COBURG announces range of initiatives to become more sustainableHUK-COBURG(ドイツ)は、さらなる持続可能へのいろいろな取り組みを発表しましたSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 14 January 2022 African Risk Capacity provides innovative parametric insurance policy to protect thousands in Zimbabwe from drought risk Other
icmif_member_news 14 January 2022 Sancor Seguros’ business incubator CITES Impulsa recognised in the 2021 Conscience Awards Other
icmif_member_news 12 January 2022 Ecclesiastical publishes new guidance to help brokers talk through key risks with education clients Other
icmif_member_news 6 January 2022 GF Forsikring gives millions back to its members Contribution
icmif_member_news 6 January 2022 Achmea opts for a climate-neutral strategy and joins the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 24 December 2021 An early Christmas present of DKK 134 million for LB Forsikring’s members in loyalty discountContribution
icmif_member_news 24 December 2021 IBISA secures EUR 1.5m seed funding to revolutionise agricultural insurance Investing / FundContributionOther
icmif_member_news 16 December 2021 Latest donations see NFU Mutual Charitable Trust top GBP 1m of support for UK charities in 2021 Contribution
icmif_member_news 15 December 2021 Beneva gives over CAD 1 million to Centraide-United Way to help vulnerable people in communities in Canada BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 14 December 2021 Royal London is first mutual company to use Pawprint for Business as part of its climate change commitments SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 14 December 2021 Folksam extends its partnerships with Honda and used car company Riddermark Bil Other
icmif_member_news 14 December 2021 Co-operators champions the next generation of Canadian cooperative leaders with newly launched Co-operators Young Leaders Award Contribution
icmif_member_news 9 December 2021 AVBOB continues to support victims of gender-based violence through partnership with TEARS Foundation in South Africa ContributionOther
icmif_member_news 9 December 2021 Ecclesiastical’s Education Risk Barometer will help brokers talk through the top risks facing education clientsOther
icmif_member_news 8 December 2021 Gore Mutual donates CAD 150,000 to Canadian Red Cross to support those affected by BC floodsContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 7 December 2021 Achmea uses EUR 300 million of reserves to make health insurance premiums more affordable for customers Contribution
icmif_member_news 6 December 2021 Dina Försäkringar and Länsförsäkringar top the Swedish rankings for most satisfied customers in property insurance BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 3 December 2021 The Commonwell launches CAD 1 million initiative to re-energise learning and engagement within local communitiesContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 2 December 2021 Univé wins prestigious prize for its Cyberhulp cyber security coverDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 30 November 2021 P&V launches the first mobile insurance agency Other
icmif_member_news 30 November 2021 Legacy to Leader: Gore Mutual wins global innovation award recognising its digitally-led transformationDigital
icmif_member_news 19 November 2021 Co-operators partners with PrevTech Innovations to offer new farm fire prevention programme in Canada PreventionNew productsDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 19 November 2021 Co-operators and Wawanesa Mutual confirm their support for the DHAN Foundation in India Contribution
icmif_member_news 17 November 2021 Folksam collaborates in SEK 1.5 billion investment to support climate action projects in developing countries Climate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 16 November 2021 Länsförsäkringar AB has set a new investment goal of being climate positive by 2045 SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 15 November 2021 ICMIF and members join call for policymakers and Governments to ‘Turn Talk into Action’ at COP26 SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 11 November 2021 Ecclesiastical encourages brokers to speak to their education clients about climate change risksSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 9 November 2021 Univé to scale up sustainable energy project that replaces asbestos roofs with solar roofs SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 5 November 2021 Climate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 5 November 2021 Länsförsäkringar has increased its investments in sustainability-oriented bonds tenfold SDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 4 November 2021 IPB rated strongly for its ESG practicesSDGs
icmif_member_news 1 November 2021 Red River Mutual reinforces commitment to protect community spaces ContributionOther
icmif_member_news 1 November 2021 Folksam Liv pays out SEK 854 million in bonuses to over 900,000 customers Contribution
icmif_member_news 1 November 2021 Simplyhealth donation helps get 50 UK community sports groups back up and running ContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 28 October 2021 MAIF launches Bien ou Bien e-commerce site aimed at encouraging responsible consumption SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 28 October 2021 CIC Group launches a self-service portal for vehicle garages and assessorsDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 28 October 2021 Beneva continues its integration and launches its first brand awareness campaignBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 18 October 2021 OneFamily supports housing advice service for older people in the UK Other
icmif_member_news 18 October 2021 Co-operators rebrands with a shift from insurance to holistic financial services and advice BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 15 October 2021 Aéma Groupe completes the acquisition of Aviva France to become the fifth largest insurer in France Other
icmif_member_news 15 October 2021 Wawanesa Insurance celebrates 125th anniversary with $700,000 donation to local community organisationsPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 7 October 2021 African Risk Capacity (ARC) and UN Women join forces to integrate gender into disaster risk managementOther
icmif_member_news 30 September 2021 AAM launches a digital campaign to educate young people on the benefits of mutuality and mutual insuranceOther
icmif_member_news 30 September 2021 Special AVBOB fund assists with restoration of SMMEs and NGOsContributionOther
icmif_member_news 29 September 2021 The Unipolis Foundation supports the launch of the first sustainable mobility manifesto by Italian schools SDGsContributionOther
icmif_member_news 29 September 2021 The Co-operators recognised as a Kincentric Best Employer 2021 BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 28 September 2021 Länsförsäkringar Liv signs global climate appeal calling for increase in ambition and pace of climate workSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 17 September 2021 Securian Financial and Securian Asset Management sign Principles for Responsible Investment SDGsInvesting / FundOther
icmif_member_news 15 September 2021 Achmea to plant one million trees in reforestation programme Climate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 13 September 2021 R+V Versicherung wins prestigious brand award 2021 for best brand relaunch BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 10 September 2021 Mutual Fire Insurance ranked as a Five-Star Carrier in 2021 BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 10 September 2021 Royal London research finds 15.9m UK adults are more financially vulnerable as a result of the pandemic ContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 10 September 2021 African Risk Capacity receives overall lowest-risk ESG rating in the insurance industry Other
icmif_member_news 9 September 2021 LB Forsikring’s electric car insurance is ranked “Best in Test” Other
icmif_member_news 6 September 2021 The IMA Group experiences record levels of demand for support from its 45 million members during an exceptional summer Other
icmif_member_news 3 September 2021 AVBOB champions education and literacy in South Africa SDGsOther
icmif_member_news 23 August 2021 Simplyhealth campaign focuses on improving men’s mental health and fostering open, honest conversations on healthPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 20 August 2021 Ecclesiastical launches sensor technology proposition to prevent water leakage and electrical fire risks PreventionDigital
icmif_member_news 19 August 2021 Achmea continues its commitment to sustainable mobility through investment in electric car subscription company New productsDigital
icmif_member_news 19 August 2021 Unipol launches Italy’s first “Try-Before-You-Buy” motor insurance programme New productsDigital
aoa_member_news 18 August 2021 CAMIC members support the DHAN Foundation in India in act of solidarity amongst Canadian mutuals Contribution
icmif_member_news 5 August 2021 R+V Versicherung launches internal fundraising campaign to support workers in aftermath of floods in Germany Climate / EnvironmentPreventionContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 5 August 2021 Cornish Mutual rolls out hay fire prevention trial with MembersPreventionDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 5 August 2021 Royal London research finds over half of consumers want their pension invested responsibly to help tackle climate change SDGsClimate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 4 August 2021 ICMIF members recognised in Argentinian national competition to combat fraud in the insurance industry Other
icmif_member_news 3 August 2021 Achmea takes the next step towards climate-neutral business operationsSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 21 July 2021 Gore Mutual announces new operating model for auto lines cover and launches national contact centre DigitalOther
icmif_member_news 21 July 2021 Folksam improves protection against violence in close relationships
icmif_member_news 20 July 2021 NFU Mutual donates GBP 2m to local charities as ongoing crisis drives need for supportContribution
icmif_member_news 19 July 2021 UK charities celebrate share of GBP 1million fund thanks to Ecclesiastical and nominations from brokers Contribution
icmif_member_news 14 July 2021 The Co-operators sets targets for a net-zero futureSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 13 July 2021 LB Forsikring sets clear climate goals for its investments as part of its role in the green transition SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 12 July 2021 Royal London commits to net zero by 2050 and thereby protect customers’ standard of livingSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 12 July 2021 MAIF renews the freeze on its auto insurance rates for 2022 Other
icmif_member_news 8 July 2021 Folksam increases its ownership in steel company SSAB to support its transition to fossil free production SDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 7 July 2021 Afa Försäkring invests in a social bond which aims to achieve some of the UN Sustainable Development GoalsSDGsInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 29 June 2021 Clean sweep for mutuals in 2021 US auto insurer rankings Other
icmif_member_news 21 June 2021 How mutuals can differentiate to drive growth and create value Other
icmif_member_news 21 June 2021 Río Uruguay Seguros launches first transgender health insurance in Latin America Other
icmif_member_news 21 June 2021 Surco Seguros recognised by Great Places to Work Uruguay for the quality of its organisational cultureBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 18 June 2021 Sancor Seguros launches a corporate venture capital fund to invest in insurtech, fintech and healthtech Digital
icmif_member_news 18 June 2021 NFU Mutual offers small business customers free social media tools to help them connect with their communities Digital
icmif_member_news 17 June 2021 The Unipol Group launches a national Covid-19 vaccine programme across Italy PreventionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 17 June 2021 EMC Mobileye offers collision avoidance systems to policyholders Digital
icmif_member_news 17 June 2021 Simplyhealth launches SimplyPlan: a new app for improved customer experience DigitalOther
icmif_member_news 16 June 2021 Achmea can now deal with increasing storm damage claims faster with a new national roof tile networkOther
icmif_member_news 16 June 2021 LB Forsikring aims to be Denmark’s preferred insurance company for electric cars Other
icmif_member_news 15 June 2021 Sygeforsikringen “danmark” donates DKK 150 million to research projects on health and preventionContribution
icmif_member_news 7 June 2021 Ecclesiastical Insurance Group launches the Movement for Good awards 2021 BrandingContribution
icmif_member_news 4 June 2021 Finnish high schools receive a large book donation from LocalTapiola to increase young people’s awareness of climate change ContributionOther
icmif_member_news 3 June 2021 The P&V tower in Brussels lit up in the colours of the rainbow in support of a more inclusive society Other
icmif_member_news 2 June 2021 Unipol launches advanced telematics solution to improve driver safety
icmif_member_news 26 May 2021 More than 25% of damaged car bumpers are repaired instead of replaced by LB ForsikringOther
icmif_member_news 21 May 2021 Driving sustainably: HUK-COBURG expands telematics offering to include incentives for being environmentally conscious Climate / EnvironmentDigital
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 Afa Försäkring funds research into the role of managers and mental illness in the workplace Other
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 Ecclesiastical in UK’s top four for charitable givingBrandingContribution
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 Simplyhealth launches SimplyVolunteer to provide volunteering opportunities for employees ContributionOther
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 The Commonwell recognised for creating a collaborative, inclusive culture BrandingContributionOther
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 Univé Insurance to offer cyber protection to over 1 million policyholders in partnership with Sontiq® Cyberscout Digital
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 Vaudoise to distribute CHF 40 million of profits to its policyholders SDGsContribution
icmif_member_news 19 May 2021 Innovation in sustainability: a virtual game from the Sancor Seguros Group helps raise awareness in a cooperative way SDGsContributionOther
icmif_member_news 19 May 2021 Folksam adopts new climate targets for its investment portfolios by 2025 SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 19 May 2021 NFU Mutual named as one of LinkedIn’s Top 25 companies in the UKBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 19 May 2021 Royal London launches innovation programme with social entrepreneursContributionOther
icmif_member_news 18 May 2021 How PG Mutual is caring for communities: charities, trees and LEDsClimate / EnvironmentBrandingContribution
icmif_member_news 18 May 2021 Desjardins focused on net zero emissions for 2040SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 18 May 2021 CIC wins Decade of Excellence Insurance awardBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 14 May 2021 Thrivent to pay out USD 280 million in client dividends in 2021 Contribution
icmif_member_news 14 May 2021 Purpose of mutuality clear for PPS as it shares profits with members following unprecedented yearContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 11 May 2021 The Co-operators underscores importance of building community resilience and sustainability at 2021 Annual General MeetingSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 10 May 2021 NFU Mutual gives free driving confidence sessions to 1,000 customers ContributionOther