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All Topics

member_news 17 January 2020 ICMIF members and other mutual institutions in the Philippines rally to help those affected by Taal volcanoICMIF members and other mutual institutions in the Philippines rally to help those affected by Taal volcano
member_news 15 January 2020 MAS has won the Consumer NZ People’s Choice Award for fourth year in a rowMAS has won the Consumer NZ People’s Choice Award for fourth year in a row
seminars 10 January 2020 AOA will hold a biennial seminar this autumn2020年 AOAセミナーの開催について
other_activities 10 January 2020 Upcoming ICMIF Webinar: The digital mutual Episode 5, LB Group (Denmark) - 4 February 2020, 3pm UK time (GMT)ICMIFウェビナー:「デジタル時代の相互扶助 エピソード5:LBグループ(デンマーク)」 2020年2月4日 英国時間午後3時(日本時間:2月5日午前0時)
other_news 7 January 2020 Willis Re 1st View January 2020 report: Markets diverge Willis Re 1st View January 2020 report: Markets diverge
activity_plans 25 December 2019 AOA and ICMIF jointly held Microinsurance Seminar in Auckland, New Zealand - 95 delegates of 36 organizations from 17 countries gathered AOA/ICMIF マイクロインシュランス・セミナー 17か国・36団体から95名が参加しオークランドで開催される
member_news 20 December 2019 ICMIF member CLIMBS continues its cooperative education journey in 2019ICMIF member CLIMBS continues its cooperative education journey in 2019
other_news 19 December 2019 Fifty Young Leaders benefit from exclusive development programme at the ICMIF Biennial Conference ヤングリーダー50名がICMIF大会の特別な人材開発プログラムから学びを得る
general_meetings 12 December 2019 The next ICMIF Biennial Conference will be held in Rome, Italy in early April 2022次回ICMIF大会は2022年4月上旬、イタリア・ローマに決定
activity_plans 12 December 2019 Results of the AOA General Meeting and the Board of Directors Meeting in 20192019年 AOA通常総会等の開催結果について【ご報告】
member_news 12 December 2019 NTUC Income partners with automotive marketplace Carro to launch usage-based motor insurance policyNTUC Income partners with automotive marketplace Carro to launch usage-based motor insurance policy
other_news 12 December 2019 AM Best maintains global reinsurance market outlook at stableAM Best maintains global reinsurance market outlook at stable
other_news 12 December 2019 Swiss Re Institute's sigma report: Use of increasingly advanced analytics may present a crucial way for non-life insurers to unlock tangible valueSwiss Re Institute's sigma report: Use of increasingly advanced analytics may present a crucial way for non-life insurers to unlock tangible value
other_activities 2 December 2019 Upcoming ICMIF Webinar: Advanced analytics - Unlocking new frontiers in non-life insurance, by Swiss Re 【終了済】ICMIFウェビナー:「高度な分析-損害保険の新たなフロンティアを解き明かす(スイスリー社)」  2019年12月9日(月)日本時間午後6時~7時
other_activities 2 December 2019 Upcoming ICMIF Webinar: The digital mutual Episode 4, Securian Financial (USA)【終了済】ICMIFウェビナー:「デジタル時代の相互扶助 エピソード4:セキュリアン(アメリカ)」 2019年12月5日 英国時間午後3時(日本時間:12月6日午前0時)
seminars 7 November 2019 Final Agenda - AOA/ICMIF Microinsurance Seminar, Monday 11th November 2019: "Connecting to emerging markets: benefits and opportunities for ICMIF members”
member_news 23 October 2019 Philippines Insurance Commissioner joins celebration of CARD MBA 20th anniversaryPhilippines Insurance Commissioner joins celebration of CARD MBA 20th anniversary
other_news 23 October 2019 ICMIF/Americas celebrates 40 years of serving members in the Americas regionICMIF/Americas celebrates 40 years of serving members in the Americas region
other_news 23 October 2019 CyberScout named 2019 Cyber Risk Service Provider of the Year by Insurance InsiderCyberScout named 2019 Cyber Risk Service Provider of the Year by Insurance Insider
member_news 23 October 2019 Kokumin Kyosai co-op in Japan welcomes new PresidentKokumin Kyosai co-op in Japan welcomes new President
member_news 25 September 2019 KASAGANA-KA Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. (KMBA) produced an introductory video for its 13th anniversary and Annual General MeetingKMBA(フィリピン会員)が創立13周年と年次総会を記念し紹介ビデオを作成
other_news 25 September 2019 ICMIF will partner in commitments to increase insurance protection in climate-exposed countries ICMIF will partner in commitments to increase insurance protection in climate-exposed countries
other_activities 25 September 2019 UPCOMING ICMIF WEBINAR: The digital mutual: Episode 3 (P&V, Belgium)【終了済】ICMIFウェビナー:「デジタル時代の相互扶助 エピソード2:P&V(ベルギー)」2019年10月16日 英国時間午後3時(日本時間:同日午後11時)
other_news 20 September 2019 Second keynote speaker announced for the ICMIF Biennial Conference 2019: Ian Taylor, leading New Zealand innovator and entrepreneurSecond keynote speaker announced for the ICMIF Biennial Conference 2019: Ian Taylor, leading New Zealand innovator and entrepreneur
other_activities 13 September 2019 UPCOMING ICMIF WEBINAR: A mutual's role in the future of rural insurance - 23 October 2019, 4pm EDT / 9pm BST / 24 October 2019, 9am NZDT【終了済】ICMIFウェビナー:「 将来の農村保険における協同組合/相互扶助の保険組織の役割」- 2019年10月24日 ニュージーランド夏時間午前9時/2019年10月23日 英国時間午後9時(日本時間:10月24日午前5時)
other_activities 13 September 2019 UPCOMING ICMIF WEBINAR: ERM for Mutuals - 10 October 2019, 3pm BST (UK time)【終了済】ICMIFウェビナー:「協同組合/相互扶助の保険組織のERM(統合的リスク管理)」2019年10月10日 英国時間午後3時(日本時間:同日午後11時)
other_activities 13 September 2019 UPCOMING ICMIF WEBINAR: Leveraging the start-up ecosystem to spark innovation - 25 September 2019, 3pm BST (UK time) 【終了済】ICMIFウェビナー:「スタートアップ・エコシステムを活用してイノベーションを誘発する」2019年9月25日 英国時間午後3時(日本時間:同日午後11時)
activity_plans 6 September 2019 A Big Achievement: The 4th AOA Members' Study Group Visit to Singapore's NTUC INCOME was attended by 42 people from 15 organizations in 5 countriesAOA会員訪問団(シンガポール・NTUCインカム社)に5か国・15団体から42名が参加
report 4 September 2019 Report - Recent AOA Activities【レポート】AOA - 最近の活動概況
general_meetings 3 September 2019 AOA Biennial General Meeting and AOA Dinner - 14th November 2019, AOA/ICMIF Microinsurance Seminar - 11th November 2019, in Auckland, New ZealandAOA通常総会等の開催について【2019年11月14日(木) ニュージーランド・オークランド】
seminars 3 September 2019 Provisional Programme - AOA/ICMIF Microinsurance Seminar, Monday 11th November 2019: "Connecting to emerging markets: benefits and opportunities for ICMIF members”AOA/ICMIF マイクロインシュランス・セミナー(2019年11月11日)の暫定プログラムについて
member_news 30 August 2019 Philippine’s Cooperative Alliance for Responsive Endeavor Mutual Benefit Association (CARE MBA), Inc. has newly joined ICMIF/AOA【AOA会員ニュース】 CARE MBA(フィリピン)が新たに加入
other_activities 30 August 2019 UPCOMING ICMIF WEBINAR: Impact Investing: why and how?【終了済】ICMIFウェビナー:「インパクト投資」- 2019年9月4日 英国時間午後3時
member_news 29 August 2019 More than half of New Zealand farmers and growers now insure with ICMIF member FMG More than half of New Zealand farmers and growers now insure with ICMIF member FMG
other_news 29 August 2019 ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy provides policyholders with safety net against povertyICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy provides policyholders with safety net against poverty
report 22 July 2019 Digital Innovation will Change the Future of Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Organizations - Miho Onzo, Professor at Faculty of Commerce, Takachiho University (JAPAN)【レポート】 デジタル革新が変える共済団体の未来 - 高千穂大学商学部教授 恩藏 三穂
member_news 12 July 2019 Japan's Zenrosai launched a new brand “Kokumin Kyosai co-op”全労済が新たな愛称「こくみん共済 coop」としてスタート
other_activities 11 July 2019 10% Special Early Bird Discount is applied to AOA Members until 28 July - Advanced Management Course (AMC) 2019 Singapore 【適用期間終了済】【AOA会員限定】10%早割 - ICMIFアドバンスト・マネジメント・コース(AMC)シンガポール 【2019年11月3 - 8日】
other_news 10 July 2019 Message from the International Cooperative Alliance for International Cooperative Day 2019 国際協同組合デー2019にむけた国際協同組合同盟(International Cooperative Alliance: ICA)からのメッセージ
other_news 8 July 2019 Global insurance premiums exceed USD 5 trillion for the first time: says Swiss Re Institute’s latest sigma 世界の保険料収入が初めて5兆ドルを上回る - スイス・リー・インスティテュートの最新版シグマレポート
other_news 4 July 2019 ICMIF Chief Executive: more nations should allow mutual microinsuranceより多くの国で相互扶助マイクロインシュランスが認可されるべき-ICMIF事務局長
member_news 4 July 2019 ICMIF welcomes Swiss Re as a new Supporting Member スイス・リー(Swiss Re)社が新たにICMIF賛助会員に
other_news 3 July 2019 ICMIF Global 500 report for 2019 confirms rise in aggregate premiums of 500 largest mutual and cooperative insurersICMIFグローバル500レポート(2019)で協同組合/相互扶助の保険組織の最大手500社の保険料収入合計額の増加が確認される
member_news 3 July 2019 Cambridge report indicates mutual microinsurance delivers greater resilience in vulnerable communities recovering from natural disasters ケンブリッジ大学報告書-「相互扶助のマイクロインシュランスは脆弱な地域社会の自然災害からの復興に高い回復力を与える」
member_news 3 July 2019 MAS and New Zealand Marketing Association announce new partnershipMAS(ニュージーランド)と同国マーケティング協会が新たなパートナーシップを発表
member_news 3 July 2019 RAC WA launches second driverless bus experience in Western AustraliaRAC(オーストラリア)が西オーストラリア州における自動運転バス体験の第二弾を開始
seminars 27 June 2019 One-day microinsurance seminar added to the ICMIF Biennial Conference 2019 programme, Auckland, New Zealandマイクロインシュランス・セミナー(1日)がICMIF総会2019のプログラムに新たに加わりました
other_news 26 June 2019 Climate change, sustainable finance and green bonds: what are ICMIF and our members doing?気候変動、持続可能な財務とグリーンボンド - ICMIFおよび会員団体の取り組みは?
member_news 26 June 2019 NTUC Income launches first integrated proposition for direct purchase of the widest options of life insurance in Singapore with self-serve advisoryNTUC インカム社(シンガポール)、過去最多の選択肢で生命保険の直接購入を可能にするシンガポール初の統合型サービスをセルフサービス・アドバイス付きで提供開始
other_news 26 June 2019 ICMIF and members represented at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction「防災グローバル・プラットフォーム」会合にICMIFと会員団体が代表として参加
general_meetings 26 June 2019 First keynote speaker announced for the ICMIF Biennial Conference 2019: leading futurist Ross Dawson2019年ICMIF総会における最初の基調講演者を発表:未来学の第一人者ロス・ドーソン氏
member_news 26 June 2019 Securian Financial CFO joins other finance leaders in launch of US chapter of A4S Leadership Networkセキュリアン・フィナンシャル(米国)のCFO、他の財務リーダーらとA4Sリーダーシップ・ネットワーク米国支部の立ち上げに参加
other_news 12 June 2019 Notice of Website Migration to Always-on SSL Encryption (https)
seminars 14 May 2019 AOA and ICMIF will hold "Microinsurance Seminar" in Auckland on 11 Nov 2019 to promote awareness and support of members to microinsuranceAOAとICMIFが「マイクロインシュランス・セミナー」の開催(2019年11月11日)を決定
general_meetings 13 May 2019 ICMIF 2019 Biennial Conference & AOA General Meeting, 12-15 November 2019 in Auckland (New Zealand) ICMIF・AOA総会【2019年11月12日(火) - 15日(金)、ニュージーランド・オークランド】
member_news 26 April 2019 NTUC Income enters strategic partnership to scale innovation in digital insuranceNTUCインカムがデジタル保険のイノベーションを拡大するため戦略的パートナーシップを締結
member_news 26 April 2019 The DHAN Foundation now provides mutual microinsurance cover to over 300,000 people from disadvantaged communities in Indiaインドの恵まれないコミュニティで約30万人に相互扶助のマイクロインシュランスを提供するダーン・ファンデーション
other_news 17 April 2019 ICMIF’s Global Mutual Market Share 10 report: Japanese edition publishedICMIF「グローバル・ミューチュアル・マーケットシェア」レポート(10年版)の日本語版を公開
member_news 16 April 2019 Swiss member La Mobilière shares CHF 160 million with membersモビリア(ICMIFスイス会員)が1億6千万スイスフランを会員に還元
member_news 16 April 2019 The Co-operators introduces fund for Insurtech investmentコーポレーターズ(The Co-operators、カナダ)がインシュアテック投資のための基金を導入
member_news 15 April 2019 NTUC Income launches Pinfare to safeguard travellers against airfare fluctuationsNTUCインカム、航空運賃の変動から旅行者を守る保険「ピンフェア(Pinfare)」を発売
activity_plans 12 April 2019 Report - Attending the AOA Seminar in Hong Kong【レポート】 AOAセミナー 事務局報告および参加報告
member_news 8 April 2019 New video explains how the DHAN Foundation’s health microinsurance policy is helping poor communities in Indiaダーン・ファンデーションの医療マイクロインシュランスがインドの貧しい地域社会をどのように支えているのか - 最新ビデオ
member_news 5 April 2019 BCCM welcomes landmark changes for Australian mutuals and cooperativesオーストラリアにおける協同組合/相互扶助組織に関する画期的な法律変更を歓迎 - BCCM(協同組合・相互扶助団事業協議会)
member_news 5 April 2019 The Folksam Group and World Bank join global call to action on food loss and wasteフォルクサムグループ(スウェーデン)と世界銀行が食品のロスと廃棄物に関する行動を求める世界規模の呼びかけに参加
other_activities 4 April 2019 Upcoming ICMIF webinars: April and May 2019【終了済】ICMIFウェビナー 今後の予定(2019年4月-5月)
other_activities 3 April 2019 ICMIF Advanced Management Course: Equip your leaders with new mindsets and capabilities to enhance their performance in a complex world
member_news 25 March 2019 A DHAN Foundation activist is awarded the fourth highest honour in India for microfinance schemes for self-help groups in poor communities インドで4番目に名誉ある賞がダーン・ファンデーションの女性活動家に授与される - 貧しいコミュニティの自助グループ向けマイクロファイナンス活動に対し
visiting_team 18 March 2019 Registration now open! - AOA members' Study Group Visit to NTUC Income (Singapore) - July 31 and August 1, 2019参加受付始まる - NTUCインカム社(シンガポール)へのAOA会員訪問団 - 2019年7月31日(水)~8月1日(木)
other_news 14 March 2019 Mr. HONG Jae-Eun of NongHyup Life Insurance (Republic of Korea) was appointed to a successor director to Mr. SEO Ki-BongAOA理事の交代について(お知らせ)
other_news 14 March 2019 ICMIF and We Effect highlight role of microinsurance for gender equality at the UN Commission on the Status of Women conference ICMIFとWe Effectが国連・女性の地位委員会の関連会議の場でジェンダー平等にマイクロインシュランスが果たす役割を強調
other_news 13 March 2019 Motor mutuals move up a gear to stay relevant in sharing economy自動車保険を扱う協同組合/相互扶助の保険組織がシェアリングエコノミーへの対応を進める
other_news 12 March 2019 On International Women’s Day ICMIF members are leading the way in diversity国際女性デー - ダイバーシティで先行するICMIF会員組織
other_news 12 March 2019 How ICMIF members are contributing towards gender equality through the 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance StrategyICMIF会員組織が「5-5-5相互扶助のマイクロインシュランス戦略」を通じ男女平等に貢献
member_news 11 March 2019 Japanese Young Leaders share the benefits of their experiences of the ICMIF Young Leaders ProgrammeICMIFヤングリーダー・プログラムの素晴らしい経験をシェアする日本のヤングリーダーたち
other_news 8 March 2019 Estonia market now open for establishment of mutual and cooperative insurers エストニアで協同組合/相互扶助の保険組織の設立が可能に
member_news 7 March 2019 Thrivent named one of the world's most ethical companies for the 8th year in a row スライベント(アメリカ) 8年連続で世界で最も倫理的な企業に選ばれる
other_news 28 February 2019 Ten year edition of ICMIF’s Global Mutual Market Share report: statistics confirm a decade of growth for the mutual and cooperative insurance sectorICMIF「グローバル・ミューチュアル・マーケットシェア」レポート(10年版):過去10年間の協同組合/相互扶助の保険セクターの成長が統計で裏付けられる
other_activities 27 February 2019 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Young Leader perspectives on the strategic issues in our sector【終了済】近日開催のICMIFウェビナー情報 -「私たちのセクターにおける戦略的問題に関する若手リーダーの見解」- 2019年2月27日 グリニッジ標準時午後3時(日本時間:28日午前0時)
other_news 27 February 2019 Introduction to ICMIF Young Leaders ForumICMIFヤングリーダー・フォーラムのご紹介
report 15 February 2019 My journey as an ICMIF Young Leader: A box of opportunities!ICMIFヤングリーダーとしての私の旅:チャンスの宝箱!
other_activities 15 February 2019 ICMIF Strategy 2019-2022ICMIF事業戦略(2019年 – 2022年)
member_news 13 February 2019 JCIA publishes annual Cooperative Insurance in Japan Fact Book 2018日本共済協会が「日本の共済事業 ファクトブック2018」を発行
other_news 12 February 2019 Coops4decentwork: International Day of Cooperatives 2019 theme unveiled国際協同組合デー2019のテーマが決定『協同組合は働きがいのある人間らしい仕事(ディーセント・ワーク)を実現します』(Coops4decentwork)
other_news 7 February 2019 ICMIF launches new series of exclusive webinars for members in 2019ICMIF、新シリーズの会員専用ウェビナーを開始
member_news 6 February 2019 CLIMBS Institute for Financial Literacy to host a Cooperative Executive Masterclass in the Philippines: February 2019CLIMBS金融リテラシー研究所、2019年2月にフィリピンで協同組合のエグゼクティブ向けマスタークラスを開催
report 6 February 2019 "Mutual & Cooperative Microinsurance in the Philippines: A Landscape Study" Japanese version was released「フィリピンにおける相互扶助・協同組合組織のマイクロインシュランスに関する状況調査」レポート(日本語版)を公開
member_news 6 February 2019 New videos on the website of ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy - DHAN Foundation (India)ICMIF 5-5-5マイクロインシュランス開発戦略 - 最新ビデオ【ダーン・ファンデーション(インド)】
other_activities 30 January 2019 2019 ICMIF Advanced Management Course (AMC) and AOA Scholarship - [Scholarship already closed]2019年 ICMIFアドバンスト・マネジメント・コース(AMC)日程とAOA奨学金について【奨学金の申し込みは終了済】
member_news 29 January 2019 BCCM announces board and chairperson for 2019BCCM(オーストラリア)、2019年度の理事と理事長につき発表
member_news 29 January 2019 Dr Aris Alip takes part in opening panel at second InsuResilience Global Partnership Forumアリス・アリップ博士、保険強靱性(InsuResilience)グローバル・パートナーシップの第2回フォーラムの開会セッションに出席
member_news 29 January 2019 Need for microinsurance regulation in Sri Lanka highlighted in new ICMIF and IPS reportスリランカにおけるマイクロ保険の規制整備が必要-ICMIFと政策研究所(IPS)による報告書
member_news 29 January 2019 Länsförsäkringar and The Co-operators join UNEP FI insurer partnership to better understand risk & implement TCFD recommendationsレンスフォーシェクリンガーとコーポレーターズ、UNEP FIと保険業界のパートナーシップに参画、気候リスクの理解とTCFD勧告対応に取り組む
other_news 24 January 2019 Cooperative declaration commits to safeguard a decent working environment and guarantees zero tolerance towards any form of harassment 国際協同組合同盟、人間らしく働ける職場を守る取り組みとハラスメント反対を宣言
other_news 24 January 2019 ICMIF members outperform the total and the mutual marketICMIF会員団体、世界の保険市場や協同組合/相互扶助の保険市場を上回る成長
member_news 26 December 2018 AOA members supporting ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy ICMIF 5-5-5マイクロインシュランス開発戦略をサポートするAOA会員
member_news 25 December 2018 China's Public Mutual Insurance Corporation has newly joined ICMIF/AOA【AOA会員ニュース】 Public Mutual Insurance Corporation(中国)が新たに加入
activity_plans 14 December 2018 AOA Seminar Hong Kong ends successfully with 83 attendees from 28 organizations in 11 countriesAOAセミナー 11か国・28団体から83名が参加し香港で開催される
member_news 14 December 2018 Multiple wins for Amãna Takaful at IFFSA Islamic Finance Awardsアマナ・タカフル、南アジアイスラム金融フォーラムで複数受賞
other_news 14 December 2018 A world at risk: How the ICMIF 5-5-5 Strategy is helping close insurance gap highlighted in recent Lloyd's report保険ギャップの是正を後押しするICMIFの5-5-5戦略、ロイズ報告書「世界が抱えるリスク」で紹介
other_news 14 December 2018 [ICMIF Brochure] Welcome to ICMIF - The Global Network for Mutual and Cooperative InsureresPDF
other_news 14 December 2018 World Cooperative Monitor: new ranking of the world’s 300 largest cooperatives「世界協同組合モニター(WCM)」で世界の協同組合トップ300を発表
member_news 14 December 2018 Belgian insurer P&V raises new capital through series of new measures ベルギーのP&V保険、様々な手法で新規資本調達
member_news 13 December 2018 Income launches Singapore’s first “Rainsurance” to protect consumers against surge pricing on ride-hailing platforms NTUCインカム、シンガポール初の「お天気保険」を発売 ~ 配車アプリの料金急騰を補償
other_news 13 December 2018 ICMIF Young Leaders to join discussions at meeting of ICMIF’s strategic leadersICMIFの戦略的リーダー会合での議論にヤングリーダーも参加へ
other_news 13 December 2018 How the ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy will help eradicate poverty貧困撲滅に貢献するICMIFの5-5-5マイクロインシュランス開発戦略
seminars 3 December 2018 “Impact of Digital Innovation on the Strategies of Our Sector” - AOA Seminar in Hong Kong (Thursday 6th December & Friday 7th December 2018) AOAセミナーを香港で開催(2018年12月6日・7日)- テーマは「デジタル革新と協同組合/相互扶助の保険組織の戦略」
member_news 6 November 2018 BCCM welcomes Australian Treasury consultation on new legislation for mutualsオーストラリアBCCM、財務省の相互扶助事業体の改正法案の公示を歓迎
other_activities 6 November 2018 ICMIF webinar: The future of insurance【終了済】ICMIFオンラインセミナー「保険の未来」
other_news 6 November 2018 ICMIF CEO to join opening panel discussion at first-ever G20 Insurance Forum初のG20保険フォーラムのパネルディスカッションにICMIF事務局長が参加
member_news 6 November 2018 Silent cyber risk concerns are growing says Willis Re Surveyサイレント・サイバーリスクへの懸念高まる - ウイリス・リー調査結果
report 5 November 2018 New ICMIF report highlights the potential of Kenya’s cooperative sector to expand the reach of mutual microinsuranceケニアの協同組合セクターにおける相互扶助のマイクロインシュランス普及の可能性を強調-ICMIF報告書
member_news 5 November 2018 ICMIF and CIC launch new project to cover over 250,000 Kenyan farmers with livestock microinsuranceケニアの畜産従事者25万人にマイクロインシュランスを普及、ICMIFとCICが合同プロジェクトを始動
member_news 5 November 2018 ICMIF member RAC WA unveils Australia’s first on-demand, automated vehicle — the RAC Intellicar RAC(オーストラリア)、同国初のオンデマンド自動車「RAC Intellicar」をお披露目
other_news 5 November 2018 ICMIF welcomes new Chair of the Insurance Development ForumICMIF、保険開発フォーラム(IDF)の新議長就任を歓迎
member_news 2 November 2018 RAC WA overtakes the competition for property insurance recommendations in Australia西オーストラリア州RACが国内で最も推奨される財産保険に
other_news 12 September 2018 Introducing ICMIFICMIFについて - 最新の紹介冊子など
member_news 12 September 2018 RAC announces new partnership with major arena in Western Australia bringing new benefits for membersRAC、西オーストラリア州最大のアリーナとの協賛による新たな会員特典を発表
general_meetings 11 September 2018 ICMIF Young Leaders Programme will feature at the Federation’s 2019 Biennial ConferenceICMIFヤングリーダー・プログラム、2019年オークランド総会でも実施へ
other_news 10 September 2018 Mutual and cooperative insurers are creating safe spaces for youth: International Youth Day 2018協同組合/相互扶助の保険組織、若者の安全なスペースづくりに取り組む:2018年国際青少年デー
member_news 7 September 2018 Maif launch new « Pay when you drive » car insurance for membersMaif(フランス)、走行時間連動型の自動車保険を組合員向けに開始
member_news 7 September 2018 DHAN Foundation provides mutual microinsurance cover to over 200,000 previously uninsured people in first year of the 5-5-5 Strategyダーン・ファンデーション、5-5-5戦略1年目で20万人超の保険未加入者に保障を提供
member_news 7 September 2018 New health programme from NTUC Income rewards members for holistic approach to leading a healthy lifestyle
member_news 6 September 2018 New video highlights benefits for ICMIF members of taking part in Technical Assistance assignments in developing marketsICMIF会員が途上国での技術支援に参加する意義を語る-インタビュービデオ
report 28 August 2018 Report - Participation in the Young Leaders Programme at the ICMIF Biennial Conference【レポート】 ICMIF総会 ヤングリーダープログラム参加報告
member_news 21 August 2018 Zenkyoren affirms support to the 5-5-5 Strategy in new video interviewJA共済連、ICMIF 5-5-5戦略への支持を確認 - インタビュービデオ
other_news 21 August 2018 G20 Insurance Forum confirmed for September 2018G20保険フォーラム、2018年9月に開催決定
member_news 21 August 2018 New insurtech partnership to provide on-demand insurance in Canadaオンデマンド保険を提供する新たなインシュアテックの提携(カナダ)
other_news 20 August 2018 ICMIF affirms support for International Day of Cooperatives and the creation of sustainable societies through cooperation ICMIF、協同を通じた国際協同組合デーおよび持続可能な社会の構築への支援を確約
member_news 20 August 2018 NTUC Income ranked overall first in Singapore insurance innovation and digital benchmarkNTUCインカム、「シンガポール保険イノベーション・デジタルベンチマーク」で総合1位に
report 20 August 2018 New report highlights great potential for growth of mutual microinsurance in the Philippinesフィリピンの相互扶助のマイクロ保険の大きな成長可能性を最新レポートで強調
other_activities 20 August 2018 ICMIF presents its first Young Leaders webinar: “Driving innovation to transform your business”【終了済】ICMIFが初のヤングリーダー・ウェビナーを開催:テーマ「ビジネスを変えるイノベーションの推進」
report 20 August 2018 Report - Recent Activities of AOA【レポート】AOA - 最近の活動概況
other_news 8 August 2018 ICMIF welcomes global delegates to Manchester for the ICMIF Advanced Management Course世界からの参加者をマンチェスターに集めICMIFマネジメントコースを開催
member_news 8 August 2018 NTUC Income to extend flagship development programme for youth-in-need in SingaporeNTUCインカム、援助が必要なシンガポールの若者向けの最重要開発プログラムを延長
member_news 8 August 2018 German mutual insurer DEVK announces support for ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy in the Philippines相互扶助の保険会社DEVK(ドイツ)、ICMIFのフィリピンにおける5-5-5マイクロインシュランス開発戦略への支援を発表
member_news 8 August 2018 Cooperative strength amidst rapid change focus of The Co-operators Annual General Meeting コーポレーターズの年次総会で焦点となった急速な変化における協同組合の強み
other_news 8 August 2018 Ninety-seven per cent of policyholders covered by the ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy are womenICMIFの5-5-5マイクロインシュランス開発戦略の対象保険加入者の97%を女性が占める
report 21 May 2018 AOA Report - Toward the Emergence from Poverty - Promotion of Financial Inclusion and ICMIF Strategy / Case Study of Insurance Strategy in Asia
member_news 7 March 2018 A new apex organisation for Japanese cooperatives will launch on 1 April 20182018年4月1日、日本の協同組合の新たな連携組織がスタート
member_news 27 February 2018 DHAN Foundation provides cover to over 100,000 previously uninsured people in India through the ICMIF 5-5-5 Strategy
member_news 21 February 2018 CARD MBA provides relief to over 50,000 members following natural disasters in the Philippinesフィリピンの CARD MBA、相次ぐ自然災害で被害を受けた50,000人超の会員メンバーを救援
member_news 20 February 2018 NTUC Income achieves significant milestone in its digital transformationNTUCインカムがデジタル変革の重要なマイルストーンを達成
member_news 20 February 2018 ICMIF member Achmea confirms three new technical assistance assignments to support ICMIF’s 5-5-5 Strategy in India ICMIF会員団体のアクメア社(オランダ)、インドにおけるICMIF5-5-5戦略のため3名の新たな技術支援要員の派遣を発表
member_news 19 February 2018 JCIA publishes annual Cooperative Insurance in Japan Fact Book 2017日本共済協会が「日本の共済事業 ファクトブック2017」を発行
other_activities 8 February 2018 2018 ICMIF Advanced Management Course (AMC) and AOA Scholarship
member_news 8 February 2018 CARD MBA in the Philippines launches new policy to pay claims in under 24 hoursフィリピンのCARD MBA、24時間以内に保険金支払に対応する体制へ
member_news 8 February 2018 NH NongHyup Life recognised for financial innovation in Republic of Korea Finance AwardsNH生命保険、金融イノベーションで韓国金融賞を受賞
member_news 8 February 2018 Unipol Gruppo of Italy confirmed as latest ICMIF member to support the 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategyイタリアのウニポール・グループ、5-5-5マイクロ・インシュランス開発戦略の新たな支援組織に ー 対象はインドのダーン・ファンデーション
member_news 8 February 2018 ICMIF members The Co-operators and Länsförsäkringar visit Uplift in India for review of ICMIF’s 5-5-5 StrategyICMIF加盟組織 コーポレーターズとレンスフォーシェクリンガー、5-5-5戦略の進捗確認にインドのアップリフトを訪問
member_news 8 February 2018 ICMIF member Uplift Mutuals launches new mobile app in India as part of ICMIF 5-5-5 Strategy アップリフト・ミューチュアルズ(インド)、5-5-5戦略の一貫としてモバイルアプリをリリース
member_news 8 February 2018 Australian Government announces plans to modernise laws for cooperatives and mutualsオーストラリア政府、協同組合/相互扶助団体に関する法律の改正計画を発表
member_news 8 February 2018 ICMIF’s 5-5-5 Strategy reaches over 3 million people since its launch in June 2016ICMIF5-5-5マイクロ・インシュランス開発戦略、2016年6月の開始以来300万人以上に保険サービスを提供
member_news 8 February 2018 NTUC Income launches low-cost solution to plug the protection gap of the “sandwiched” generation NTUCインカムが「サンドイッチ世代」の保障ギャップを埋めるローコスト商品を発売
member_news 8 February 2018 ICMIF member RAC to trial Australia’s first on-demand automated vehicles RAC(オーストラリア)が同国初のオンデマンド自動運転車を実証実験
member_news 19 January 2018 Four organizations have newly joined AOA in 2017
general_meetings 2 November 2017 The venue of the next ICMIF Biennial Conference and AOA General Meeting in 2019 will be Auckland, New Zealand
activity_plans 18 October 2017 Results of the AOA General Meeting and the Board of Directors Meeting in 2017
other_news 5 September 2017 ICMIF’s Asia & Oceania Association welcomes its new Chair - from ICMIF website新会長を迎えたICMIFアジア・オセアニア協会【ICMIFサイトより】
other_news 30 August 2017 New AOA Director and ChairAOA役員の交代について(お知らせ)
member_news 31 July 2017 AMICE/ICMIF Mutual and Cooperative Insurance Communications Seminar in Dublin, Ireland: An AOA member in Japan speaks about the use of cartoon characters in its marketing and promotional work
visiting_team 10 July 2017 AOA members' Study Group Visit to Sri Lanka - November 28 and 29, 2017
member_news 23 June 2017 AOA arranges visits to Japanese member organizations
activity_plans 22 June 2017 AOA Board Meeting held in Tokyo
other_activities 22 June 2017 [The End of June is approaching!] Early Bird Discount! - ICMIF's Singapore Advanced Management Course (AMC) [Special Discount for AOA Members] 【適用期間終了済】6月末までの期間限定です!【AOA会員限定】 早期割引のお知らせ! - シンガポール開催のICMIFアドバンスト マネジメントコース (AMC)
member_news 27 March 2017 New Chair of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF), Hilde Vernaillen visited East Asian countries
member_news 15 March 2017 How cute characters are helping Japanese cooperatives engage with their members
other_news 20 February 2017 [ICMIF Brochure] The VALUE OF BELONGING - The Value of Networking, The Value of Knowledge, The Value of Globa Influence, The Value of Markets, Our HistoryPDF
member_news 8 February 2017 Member news: ICMIF welcomes KASAGANA-KA Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. from The Philippines as a new member
other_news 1 February 2017 ICMIF members pledge support for vulnerable communities through the 5-5-5
other_activities 26 January 2017 Schedule of 2017 ICMIF Advanced Management Course (AMC) and AOA Scholarship【終了済】2017年ICMIFアドバンスト マネジメントコース (AMC)の日程とAOA奨学金のご案内
general_meetings 20 January 2017 AOA Biennial General Meeting - Wednesday 18th October 2017, London, UK
member_news 12 January 2017 The Goat Trust has joined AOA from India
report 22 December 2016 Report on AOA Seminar 2016 (Summary, Presentation Materials, Pictures, etc.)
activity_plans 21 December 2016 Report on the visit to ICMIF training course (HPC: High Potential Course) in Singapore
report 5 December 2016 AOA Member Report [#2] NTUC Income, Singapore
report 12 November 2016 AOA Member Report [#1] CARD MBA, Philippines
member_news 1 November 2016 KMBA, a microinsurance organization in Philippines, has just joined AOA !
activity_plans 28 October 2016 Thank you very much for attending the AOA Seminar 2016
seminars 17 October 2016 UPDATED: AOA Seminar in Tokyo - October 25-26, 2016 - Main topics are the digitalization in the insurance industry and the younger generations (Gen Y)日程表更新: AOAセミナー開催(2016年10月25日、東京)   トピックは共済・保険分野での「デジタル技術」の活用とデジタル技術に馴染みが深い「若者層(Generation Y)」
seminars 7 October 2016 AOA Seminar - AOA expects over 200 attendees from 32 organizations in 10 countries
member_news 1 October 2016 Japan's three AOA member organizations have interacted with female leaders from Southeast Asia (Tokyo, Japan)
report 26 September 2016 ICMIF runs an article on AOA members' Study Group Visit to CARD MBA, Philippines, on its official websiteICMIF公式サイトがCARD MBA(フィリピン)訪問団をレポート
other_activities 13 September 2016 ICMIF Leadership + (AMC, HPC) in Singapore in November
other_news 5 September 2016 Article on ICMIF’s Asia and Oceania Association (from ICMIF Quarterly Update Q2 2016)
visiting_team 17 August 2016 AOA members Visited CARD MBA, Philippines - Learned about microinsurance, Aug. 2 & 3, 2016
member_news 12 May 2016 AOA gives ASKI MBA, a microinsurance organization in Philippines, a warm welcome !
visiting_team 31 March 2016 AOA member’s Study Group 2016
seminars 31 March 2016 AOA Seminar 2016
visiting_team 24 February 2016 AOA sends study group to its member organization in New Zealand to learn from FMG’s efforts
other_news 25 December 2015 Results of AOA General Meeting and the Board of Directors Meeting in 2015
other_news 25 December 2015 On the occasion of launching the AOA Website
other_news 25 December 2015 Please Send Us Information and Articles for “Member News”