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other_activities 15 April 2024 About our new team
seminars 11 March 2024 Japanese Young Leader shares his experiences of the AOA Young Leader ProgrammeOther
aoa_member_news 27 February 2024 Zenkyoren announces the conclusion of an “Agriculture-Welfare Collaboration” between JA Kyosai Research Institute and Japan Agriculture-Welfare Collaboration AssociationOther
aoa_member_news 8 February 2024 Kokumin Kyosai co-op and CO-OP Kyosai collaborate on road safety initiative for children in JapanContribution
webinars 15 January 2024 Video footage of AOA Seminar 2023SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionDigitalBrandingContributionOther
visiting_team 15 January 2024 AOA Members’ Study Group Visit 2024 Tokyo
seminars 15 January 2024 Advanced Management Course in 2024Other
report 14 December 2023 Insurance industry strengthens resilience in challenging environment, says Swiss Re InstituteOther
aoa_member_news 12 December 2023 FMG announces it is a certified B CorpSDGsBrandingOther
other_news 8 December 2023 UN resolution calls for a second International Year of Cooperatives in 2025Other
report 7 December 2023 ICMIF announces USD 236 billion in members’ premium income: latest Key Statistics 2023 report publishedOther
aoa_member_news 28 November 2023 Zenkyoren announces launch of the “The Peace of Mind Living” ProjectNew productsOther
icmif_member_news 21 November 2023 ICMIF launches world’s first Insurance SDG Benchmark measuring the impact of insurance on the UN Sustainable Development GoalsSDGsClimate / EnvironmentDigital
icmif_member_news 20 November 2023 New ICMIF report confirms members have USD 1 trillion in assets under management aligned to sustainable investment frameworksSDGsInvesting / Fund
aoa_member_news 10 November 2023 ICMIF welcomes new member NACUFOK to its headquarters in the UK for membership signing ceremony and onboardingOther
aoa_member_news 2 November 2023 FMG rated number one choice by consumers in New Zealand for home & contents insuranceBrandingOther
aoa_member_news 30 October 2023 BCCM launches the Mutual Value Lab research partnership with Monash UniversityOther
aoa_member_news 27 October 2023 Australian cooperative and mutual sector posts revenue growth of 10.8 per cent despite economic uncertainty says new BCCM report
aoa_member_news 4 October 2023 Zenkyoren issues “Nakama 2023-1”: Japan’s first Cat Bond that incorporates information disclosure regarding the SDGs and ESG investment initiatives of the issuerClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
webinars 27 July 2023 AOA Webinar “Special Program for the September 2023 AOA Seminar"
webinars 27 June 2023 Notice of AOA Webinar “Special Program for the September 2023 AOA Seminar"Other
seminars 1 May 2023 AOA Seminar 2023AOAセミナー2023のご案内
seminars 28 April 2023 Notice from AOA including AOA seminarOther
aoa_member_news 21 April 2023 FMG reassures members following unparalleled weather events in New ZealandBrandingPandemic / DisasterOther
aoa_member_news 7 April 2023 RAC members in Australia take part in ground-breaking trial to test drive an electric vehicleSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
aoa_member_news 28 March 2023 Japan Cooperative Insurance Association Incorporated (JCIA) publishes annual Kyosai in Japan Fact Book 2022Other
icmif_member_news 16 March 2023 Halwell Mutual Insurance Company partners with Applied Systems to enable real-time commercial lines ratingDigital
other_news 14 March 2023 UNDP, ICMIF Foundation issue Call for Applications to insurers for innovative insurance schemes, boosting financial resilience in developing countries, especially for womenSDGsContributionOther
icmif_member_news 13 March 2023 New European mutual launched to provide additional capacity for cyber risksOther
report 10 March 2023 ICMIF announces record USD 249 billion in members’ premium income: latest Key Statistics 2023 report publishedOther
other_news 8 March 2023 Agenda now online for the Meeting of Reinsurance Officials: the must-attend reinsurance event of 2023 for membersOther
aoa_member_news 7 March 2023 BCCM celebrates 10 years of cooperationOther
icmif_member_news 7 March 2023 ICMIF members around the world announce generous donations to help rescue efforts in Türkiye and Syria after the earthquakeContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
aoa_member_news 1 March 2023 RAC provides more funding for communities in Western Australia with members voting for their favourite projectsContributionOther
aoa_member_news 28 February 2023 Purchases of MAS life and income security policies will support sustainability through the planting of treesSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 14 February 2023 MAIF announces climate dividend with pledge to give 10% of its profits to the planetOther
report 14 February 2023 Gallagher Re 1st View: Market TurnsOther
icmif_member_news 14 February 2023 LocalTapiola contributes EUR 310,000 to help build tools for regional climate change risk preparedness in FinlandSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 14 February 2023 R+V employees raise record amount for Christmas fundraising campaign
icmif_member_news 14 February 2023 LB Forsikring pays record loyalty discount back to membersLB保険(デンマーク)が記録的な優良顧客割戻しを組合員に行ないましたContribution
icmif_member_news 13 February 2023 Achmea publishes Climate Transition PlanSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 13 February 2023 Achmea Innovation Fund invests in insurtech offering embedded insurance for freelancersNew productsDigitalInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 10 February 2023 Cornish Mutual invests in regenerative farming start-upInvesting / FundOther
icmif_member_news 10 February 2023 ICMIF members Beneva and Wawanesa Insurance each raise over CAD 1 million to support local communities in CanadaContribution
icmif_member_news 9 February 2023 CEO of the Sancor Seguros Group meets with Pope Francis at the VaticanOther
icmif_member_news 7 February 2023 African Risk Capacity launches parametric insurance product against high-impact epidemic risksNew productsPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 7 February 2023 Royal London improves mental health underwritingOther
other_news 7 February 2023 Canada announces its first national climate adaptation strategy to build more resilient communities and a stronger economyOther
report 2 February 2023 ICMIF members are ahead of the industry in gender diversity in board and CEO positionsOther
report 2 February 2023 AM Best maintains stable outlook on global reinsurance industryOther
icmif_member_news 31 January 2023 Folksam begins collaboration with pregnancy app to offer child and pregnancy insurance to its usersNew productsDigital
other_news 31 January 2023 Desjardins accelerates growth across Canada with strategic acquisition of leading insurance distribution networkOther
icmif_member_news 31 January 2023 Promutuel Insurance and its employees raise record amount to support people in needContributionOther
other_news 30 January 2023 ICMIF relaunches its Advanced Management Course with the return to an in-person eventOther
report 27 January 2023 UK mutual and cooperative insurers significantly outperformed their peers in the total UK insurance market in 2021Other
report 27 January 2023 New Best’s Commentary: Impact of rising interest rates on insurers’ balance sheets will depend on accounting methodsOther
report 27 January 2023 Latest sigma report predicts market hardening and higher interest rates will be silver lining for insurers as global economy slowsOther
icmif_member_news 26 January 2023 Simplyhealth launches Venture Capital fund ‘Simplyhealth Ventures’Investing / FundContribution
other_news 26 January 2023 ICMIF members recognised by Forbes in list of world’s top female-friendly companiesOther
icmif_member_news 26 January 2023 Unipol launches online flexible benefits platform WelbeeDigitalOther
report 24 January 2023 Aviva Investors calls for Bretton Woods II to mobilise private capital to address the impacts of climate changeSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 24 January 2023 Aéma Groupe reinforces its climate strategy through new environmental commitmentsSDGsPreventionInvesting / FundOther
icmif_member_news 23 January 2023 Guy Carpenter launches MetaRisk® Live to enable real-time reinsurance strategy optimisationDigitalOther
report 23 January 2023 Gallagher Re report evaluates adoption and use of cyber models in managing risk exposure
icmif_member_news 23 January 2023 OneFamily to acquire Beagle Street to support insurance needs of the underservedBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 23 January 2023 Co-op Insurance to offer home insurance through Amazon Insurance Store to millions of UK customersDigitalOther
aoa_member_news 20 January 2023 Insurance policies launched by Sanasa to protect elephants in Sri LankaClimate / EnvironmentNew productsOther
report 20 January 2023 ICMIF member assets aligned to sustainable investment frameworks increase by 32% in 2022 to reach USD 759 billionSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
aoa_member_news 19 January 2023 Income marries its purpose of putting “People First” with strong product narratives to drive sustainable growth and champion societal well-beingNew productsBranding
seminars 17 January 2023 Advanced Management Course:Equip your leaders with new mindsets and capabilities to lead with purpose in a complex world
aoa_member_news 23 December 2022 BCCM moves to strengthen alternative form of mutual risk protectionOther
aoa_member_news 21 December 2022 ICMIF introduction paves the way for CLIMBS’ partnership with BRS as part of its digital transformationDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 21 December 2022 Halwell Mutual and The Commonwell named as best insurance workplaces in Canadaハルウェル・ミューチュアルと コモンウェルがカナダの保険業界で最高の職場に選ばれましたOther
icmif_member_news 20 December 2022 EMC Insurance recognised as industry-leading insurer by independent agentsBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 20 December 2022 Digitalisation enables Río Uruguay Seguros to reduce its carbon footprint by 62%SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 20 December 2022 Wawanesa Insurance & Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction partner to provide six wildfire prevention grantsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 19 December 2022 Co-operators launches Sustainable Investment Portfolios to help investors build wealth while making an impact on the things that matter mostSDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 19 December 2022 MAIF continues to deploy its climate strategy with announcement of investment targets for 2025SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 16 December 2022 CIC Group launches medical cover for cooperatives in KenyaNew products
icmif_member_news 16 December 2022 Folksam in new collaboration with the start-up electric motorcycle and electric moped manufacturer CAKESDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 16 December 2022 Wawanesa, Desjardins and Gore Mutual announce support for Canadian communities impacted by Hurricane FionaContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 15 December 2022 New video solution will help LB Forsikring give members an even better claims experienceDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 15 December 2022 Gallagher Re launches new academic research centreOther
report 14 December 2022 Reinsurers see mutual structure providing stability during challenging times, says new NAMIC reportOther
aoa_member_news 13 December 2022 ZENKYOREN has signed the Principles for Responsible InvestmentSDGsInvesting / FundOther
icmif_member_news 8 December 2022 The P&V Group extends its commitment to sustainable mobility by investing in the bicycle leasing company JouleP&V グループ(ベルギー)は、自転車リース会社 Joule への出資により持続可能な移動手段への取り組みを拡大しますSDGsClimate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 7 December 2022 AVBOB’s Road to Literacy campaign donates 180 mobile trolley libraries to primary schools across South AfricaContributionOther
report 7 December 2022 ICMIF publishes its 2022 ranking of the world’s 500 largest mutual and cooperative insurersOther
report 6 December 2022 AM Best explores the US mutual insurance industryAMベスト(賛助会員) が米国の相互保険業界を調査しましたOther
icmif_member_news 6 December 2022 Unipol announces strategic partnership with Shell to develop new mobility solutions and contribute to ecological transitionOther
icmif_member_news 5 December 2022 Desjardins becomes first Canadian financial institution to place new annuities exclusively into ESG-screened investmentsSDGsNew productsInvesting / Fund
report 5 December 2022 Guy Carpenter: Materialising opportunities in a changing and challenging risk landscapeOther
report 1 December 2022 New Swiss Re Institute sigma study – Maintaining resilience: the role of P&C insurers in a new world orderClimate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 30 November 2022 Univé expands insurance cover for clear up costs and environmental damage after solar panel firesOther
report 30 November 2022 Gallagher Re Reinsurance market report: Financial position and profitability of global reinsurers remains healthy despite 11% decrease in capitalOther
icmif_member_news 30 November 2022 IPB Insurance supports social enterprises across IrelandContributionOther
icmif_member_news 29 November 2022 Guy Carpenter shares emerging reinsurance thought leadership in new podcast seriesOther
icmif_member_news 28 November 2022 Vaudoise Assurances makes a commitment to support innovation in digital health with the Future of Health GrantOther
icmif_member_news 28 November 2022 NFU Mutual Charitable Trust’s first round of funding in 2022 delivers GBP 455,000 of donations for UK rural causesContributionOther
icmif_member_news 28 November 2022 DEVK encourages use of climate-friendly public transport with incentives for policyholders to save money on their car insuranceSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 25 November 2022 OneFamily is finding ways to inspire better futures for the next generationContributionOther
icmif_member_news 25 November 2022 Anadolu Sigorta is first Turkish insurer to receive certification for its research and development centre from the Ministry of Industry and TechnologyDigitalOther
report 24 November 2022 Gallagher Re publishes Global InsurTech Report for Q2 2022Investing / FundOther
seminars 24 November 2022 AOA Seminar 2023(Sydney, 26-27 September 2023(Plan))Other
aoa_member_news 22 November 2022 BCCM launches Declaration of Climate Action at Leaders’ SummitSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 22 November 2022 EY announces enhancement of its Insurance Industry Cloud for SAP solutions to help insurance organisations accelerate digital transformationDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 22 November 2022 Shelter Insurance recognised for disability workplace inclusion and equalitySDGsBrandingContributionOther
icmif_member_news 21 November 2022 Ecclesiastical offers advice and support for schools looking to improve their sustainabilitySDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 18 November 2022 African Risk Capacity hosts regional meeting to address the role insurance has in fighting climate changeSDGsClimate / EnvironmentContributionOther
aoa_member_news 17 November 2022 CivicRisk Mutual assists with recovery after devastating floods in AustraliaSDGsContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 17 November 2022 Swiss Re awarded Silver status in Stonewall’s Global Workplace Equality Index and placed among Top Global Employers for 2022SDGsOther
other_news 16 November 2022 ICMIF launches new Resiliency BenchmarkSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 16 November 2022 ICMIF launches Insurance SDG Calculator, pioneering insurance sustainability impact quantificationSDGsNew productsDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 10 November 2022 Rob Wesseling of Co-operators appointed new Chair of ICMIFOther
other_news 10 November 2022 New Innovation Challenge Fund to boost financial resilience of low-income populations in developing countriesClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / FundContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
aoa_member_news 8 November 2022 Income expands micro-insurance proposition beyond Southeast Asia to JapanNew productsDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 7 November 2022 Folksam donates SEK 1 million to support agriculture in developing countriesSDGsInvesting / FundContributionOther
icmif_member_news 7 November 2022 MAIF launches an insurance offer in partnership with CoopCycle for users of delivery bicyclesNew products
icmif_member_news 7 November 2022 Wawanesa expands partnership with cloud-based software provider Applied to enable real-time commercial lines ratingDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 2 November 2022 Going green earns ICMIF member silver accreditationSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionBranding
icmif_member_news 2 November 2022 CIC Insurance Group launches accident scene management service in partnership with AA KenyaOther
icmif_member_news 2 November 2022 Seguros Unimed creates new business area to meet the future health needs of SMEs in Brazil
icmif_member_news 1 November 2022 LB Forsikring survey shows increased living costs are causing people to consider reducing or cancelling insurance coverOther
icmif_member_news 1 November 2022 EMC recognised for business impact of data modernisation efforts with technology awardDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 31 October 2022 R+V is the first German insurer to offer a digital car insurance card for smartphonesDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 31 October 2022 Simplyhealth becomes certified B CorporationSDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / FundOther
other_news 27 October 2022 ICMIF’s team goes from strength to strengthOther
icmif_member_news 27 October 2022 Gore Mutual aligns its Purpose strategy with three SDGs and launches new grant programme to spread good to charities and non-profitsSDGsBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 27 October 2022 Achmea acquires digital platform Tiptrack to strengthen its position in the sustainable employer marketDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 27 October 2022 Folksam CEO Ylva Wessén spoke in high-level meeting on global road safety at UN General AssemblyPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 26 October 2022 Red River Mutual’s community support campaign recognised for commitment to mutuality in annual NAMIC awardsBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 26 October 2022 Länsförsäkringar sees a positive climate effect of its forest investmentsSDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 26 October 2022 Rio Uruguay Seguros collaborates in launch of Ayllu: a first of its kind insurance for migrants living in ArgentinaNew products
icmif_member_news 26 October 2022 Support from African Risk Capacity helps Zambia recover from extreme drought event in 2021/2022 agriculture seasonOther
report 25 October 2022 Swiss Re’s 10th edition of its SONAR report scans the horizon for emerging risksSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 25 October 2022 NFU Mutual supports staff and communities during Mental Health Awareness Week and beyondContributionOther
icmif_member_news 25 October 2022 La Segunda has reaffirmed its commitment to its membership of the United Nations Global Compact ArgentinaOther
aoa_member_news 24 October 2022 Capricorn Mutual reaches a record-breaking AUD 100 million in protection revenueContributionOther
aoa_member_news 24 October 2022 BCCM launches cooperative development fund to help grow early-stage for-purpose businessesInvesting / FundOther
aoa_member_news 5 October 2022 RAC to launch Australian-first air quality sensor networkSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
aoa_member_news 3 October 2022 Building the foundations for a sustainable future through mutual microinsuranceOther
general_meetings 6 September 2022 AOA Extraordinary General Meeting and AOA Dinner(27 October 2022, Rome Italy)
aoa_member_news 9 August 2022 JF Kyosuiren publishes “Voice of Life” information booklet to help save lives in Japanese fishing communities in the event of possible disastersPreventionPandemic / DisasterOther
aoa_member_news 9 August 2022 NTUC Income expands its Family Micro-Insurance Scheme to more support more children and youths in need with their educationNew productsContributionOther
webinars 4 August 2022 “SDGs Series 5 (Protecting & building resilience across Coastal communities in Asia Pacific)”SDGs
webinars 21 July 2022 AOA Webinar:SDGs Series 5 Protecting & building resilience across Coastal communities in Asia PacificSDGsClimate / Environment
webinars 29 June 2022 AOA/ICMIF Mutual Microinsurance WebinarContributionOther
webinars 17 June 2022 Other
webinars 17 June 2022 UPCOMING WEBINAR: The ICMIF Foundation – The secret of our success so far…Other
webinars 17 June 2022 UPCOMING WEBINAR: The ICMIF mutual and cooperative sustainability model – How our members are taking action towards a better futureSDGs
webinars 17 June 2022 UPCOMING WEBINAR: ESG approaches in (re)insuranceSDGs
webinars 17 June 2022 UPCOMING WEBINAR: An innovative climate index to assess and manage weather-induced risksOther
icmif_member_news 17 June 2022 Folksam Group invests SEK 1 billion to develop agriculture and reduce food shortages in the world’s poorer countriesSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 17 June 2022 During Pride Month Beneva announces its support for members undergoing a gender transitionNew productsOther
icmif_member_news 17 June 2022 R+V receives highest award of Corporate Brand of the Year at German Brand Awards 2022BrandingOther
aoa_member_news 17 June 2022 NTUC Income announces net-zero ambition by 2050 in inaugural sustainability reportSDGs
report 15 June 2022 Mutual insurers in Europe outperform the overall European market with record share of total market premiumsOther
icmif_member_news 14 June 2022 NFU Mutual becomes the first UK insurer to receive Carbon Literacy Bronze statusSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 14 June 2022 Dina Försäkringar and Landshypotek Bank deepen their collaboration to increase value for customers and increase market shareOther
aoa_member_news 13 June 2022 Rural mutual insurers FMG and NFU Mutual ranked as best workplaces in the worldOther
icmif_member_news 13 June 2022 Unipol sets out sustainability targets in next strategic plan and joins the Net-Zero Asset Owner AllianceSDGsClimate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 10 June 2022 Beneva expands partnership with Université Laval to support the success, health and well-being of the communityOther
icmif_member_news 10 June 2022 Folksam to introduce video inspection service to assess property and motor claims remotelyDigitalOther
webinars 9 June 2022 AOA/ICMIF Mutual Microinsurance Webinar : Achievements and lessons of ICMIF 5-5-5 Strategy 29/June/2022(Wed) 14:00-15:30(Japan time)SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 8 June 2022 Simplyhealth makes second significant investment in digital health start-upInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 8 June 2022 Co-operators renews commitment to building flood resilienceClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 8 June 2022 Gore Mutual knocks on doors of customers hardest hit by recent derecho storm in OntarioOther
report 8 June 2022 Gallagher Re report provides assessment of risks caused by inflation on the (re)insurance sectorOther
report 3 June 2022 Finance in insurance reimagined: New EY report looks at why insurers must reimagine planning and performance managementOther
icmif_member_news 3 June 2022 NFU Mutual named Which? Insurance Brand of the YearBrandingOther
other_news 3 June 2022 ICMIF CEO and members to speak at the UNDRR’s Global Platform for Disaster Risk ReductionSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 1 June 2022 La Mobilière and the Swiss Army agree to exchange knowledge in areas such as cyber securityDigitalOther
webinars 20 May 2022 Other
icmif_member_news 19 May 2022 The IMA Group confirms its investment strategy and positions itself as a “mentor accelerator” of start-ups to enrich its offeringBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 18 May 2022 AVBOB and PPS help South African school children cycle their way into a brighter futurePandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 18 May 2022 Desjardins promotes sustainable mobility solutions for its members, clients and employeesSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 18 May 2022 PG Mutual partners with Validium to provide wellbeing counselling servicesOther
icmif_member_news 17 May 2022 Beneva supports university research to combat anxietyPreventionOther
other_news 17 May 2022 Cooperatives Build a Better World: 2022 International Day of Cooperatives announcedOther
icmif_member_news 16 May 2022 Simplyhealth takes majority stake in eyecare platform OcuplanPreventionInvesting / FundOther
other_news 16 May 2022 ICMIF participates in signing of International Coalition of the Social Solidarity Economy charterOther
aoa_member_news 13 May 2022 NTUC Income launches FlexiTravel Hourly Insurance, Singapore’s first travel insurance that protects travellers by the hourNew productsDigital
icmif_member_news 13 May 2022 Wawanesa introduces new insurance products to help Canadians make their homes more resilient to climate changeSDGsClimate / EnvironmentNew products
icmif_member_news 12 May 2022 Fast accident reporting: HUK-COBURG launches automatic claims service for telematics customersDigital
icmif_member_news 12 May 2022 Folksam ranked the best in the industry on gender equality once againOther
report 12 May 2022 Gallagher Re publishes inaugural Global InsurTech Report for Q1 2022DigitalOther
icmif_member_news 11 May 2022 Wawanesa upgrades its broker platform aiming to become easier to do business withOther
report 11 May 2022 New UNDRR report finds broken risk perception is reversing global progress in a ‘spiral of self-destruction’UNDRRの最新レポートは、リスク認識の崩壊が「自滅の連鎖」により世界の進歩を逆行させていると指摘しましたClimate / EnvironmentPreventionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 10 May 2022 Co-operators launches holistic cyber-insurance offering greater protection for Canadian businessesNew productsDigital
other_news 9 May 2022 Stronger than ever, ICMIF celebrates 100 years of promoting and protecting purpose-led insurersOther
icmif_member_news 2 May 2022 PPS pays ZAR 6.1 billion in total benefits to members in 2021 Contribution
icmif_member_news 21 April 2022 NFU Mutual furthers support for flood victims in the UK by joining new Flood Re schemeOther
icmif_member_news 19 April 2022 The Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia and Germania Mutual Insurance Company to mergeBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 18 April 2022 DEVK launches Germany’s first climate-friendly commercial vehicle rental serviceClimate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 18 April 2022 Now 1.8 million households have eco-labelled home insurance from Folksam SDGsClimate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 14 April 2022 AFM members paid out 94% of income protection claims in 2021 Other
report 13 April 2022 Seventy per cent of ICMIF members exceeded their local market’s annual growth in the last financial yearOther
icmif_member_news 13 April 2022 Vaudoise expands footprint in Swiss pet insurance market and announces a CHF 36 million profit share ContributionOther
icmif_member_news 13 April 2022 Co-operators provides investment for flood risk modelling and analysis specialist company GeosapiensClimate / EnvironmentDigitalOther
report 12 April 2022 EY ranked as No.1 insurance service provider for future-ready visionOther
report 11 April 2022 SDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 7 April 2022 Anadolu Sigorta’s “juno” app for digital-savvy millennials wins global industry award for transforming the customer experienceDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 7 April 2022 UnipolSai and global innovation platform Plug and Play reinforce their partnershipDigitalOther
seminars 7 April 2022 UPCOMING ICMIF centenary fireside chat: The future of ICMIF and the mutual sectorOther
webinars 7 April 2022 UPCOMING WEBINAR: The road to net zeroSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 6 April 2022 MDU offers free membership for doctors fleeing war in UkrainePandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 6 April 2022 Dina Försäkringar extends home insurance protection to Ukrainian refugees and provides salary supplements to employees who receive refugeesPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 6 April 2022 Co-operators appoints Executive Advisor, Climate Investing and Community Resilience to build momentum for new investments to support climate adaptation projects and climate-resilient infrastructureSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 5 April 2022 Thrivent to return almost USD 300 million in client dividends in 2022 Contribution
icmif_member_news 5 April 2022 Committed to shaping the insurance of the future, Promutuel Insurance invests in Portage Ventures III fundOther
icmif_member_news 4 April 2022 Desjardins invests CAD $3.2M to help keep Canadians safe on the roadContribution
icmif_member_news 4 April 2022 Ecclesiastical Insurance and Benefact Group sets ambition to become UK’s biggest corporate donor to charity Contribution
report 4 April 2022 Gallagher Re selects BitSight to deliver cyber-modelling insightsDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 1 April 2022 Univé introduces Cyber Fit Service to train entrepreneurs and SMEs in working online safelyDigital
icmif_member_news 1 April 2022 PG Mutual offers Income Protection Plus initiative to healthcare workers through partnership with Blue Light Card Other
webinars 25 March 2022 “SDGs Series 4 (Toward better future by addressing social challenge) ”SDGs
report 24 March 2022 Best’s Special Report: Re-Underwriting and De-Risking in Insurance-Linked Securities MarketSDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 24 March 2022 Aviva Investors recognised with two awards for macro engagement and climate mitigation initiatives SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 22 March 2022 Länsförsäkringar brand ranked best in industry for sustainability by consumers SDGsBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 22 March 2022 NFU Mutual supports customers using private vehicles to deliver humanitarian aid for Ukraine and donates GBP 150,000 to DEC appeal ContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 18 March 2022 Ukraine war: R+V supports volunteers and refugees with non-contributory insurance cover and also donates EUR 800,000 to help victims Pandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 18 March 2022 Swiss Re partners with NTUC Income on a first-in-market longevity arrangement to shield against future variation in Income’s annuity book Other
icmif_member_news 17 March 2022 Royal London continues to share profits with customers Other
other_news 16 March 2022 Women CEOs at ICMIF members lead the way in disaster risk reduction Climate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 15 March 2022 Folksam President and CEO Ylva Wessén named 20th most powerful woman in Swedish businessOther
icmif_member_news 14 March 2022 DHAN Foundation and supporting CAMIC members brought together in first roundtable discussionContribution
icmif_member_news 10 March 2022 Insurance that does good: Gore Mutual launches refreshed brand identity for a purpose-driven, modern mutuaBrandingOther
webinars 3 March 2022 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Communicating the mutual differenceOther
icmif_member_news 3 March 2022 LB Forsikring expands contents and liability insurance to cover Ukrainian refugees who move in with a member policyholder Pandemic / DisasterOther
report 2 March 2022 Latest Peak Re Insights: Insuring the next phase of rural developmentSDGsOther
aoa_member_news 2 March 2022 MAS receives Consumer NZ People’s Choice Award for sixth consecutive year BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 1 March 2022 Dina Försäkringar becomes part of the circular economy through cooperation with OmocomSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 1 March 2022 Folksam invests nearly SEK 4 billion in green bonds from the World BankClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 1 March 2022 R+V will be climate-neutral in its capital investments by 2050 SDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
webinars 25 February 2022 AOA Webinar : SDGs Series 4 (Toward better future by addressing social challenge) 11/March/2022(Fri) 13:00-15:00(Japan time)SDGs
icmif_member_news 21 February 2022 Five charities receive share of GBP 200,000 as part of Ecclesiastical’s Movement for Good awards BrandingContribution
icmif_member_news 21 February 2022 The Commonwell donates CAD 1 million to local community projectsContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 18 February 2022 UnipolSai and Linear collaborate with Pedius app to provide inclusive roadside assistance serviceDigital
aoa_member_news 18 February 2022 Zenkyoren has been awarded the Golden Order of Merit from the Japanese Red Cross Society ContributionOther
webinars 15 February 2022 UPCOMING WEBINAR: The importance of prevention for the future of mutual and cooperative insuranceSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
report 15 February 2022 Gallagher Re Natural Catastrophe Events report 2021 Other
icmif_member_news 14 February 2022 DEVK commits to a Diversity CharterSDGs
icmif_member_news 14 February 2022 Polski Gaz TUW subscribes to insurance platform IBSuiteDigital
icmif_member_news 14 February 2022 NFU Mutual urges UK businesses to donate their surplus food Contribution
icmif_member_news 10 February 2022 Beneva seeks to prevent anxiety one concrete step at a time and invests CAD$ 1M ContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 10 February 2022 LocalTapiola launches free training opportunities to help entrepreneurs grow their businessesDigitalContributionOther
icmif_member_news 10 February 2022 Achmea will check the sustainability performance of its suppliers with EcoVadis SDGsOther
report 3 February 2022 Best’s Special Report: (Re)Insurers adapt practices to address evolving risk landscape Other
icmif_member_news 3 February 2022 Río Uruguay Seguros represents Argentina at international seminar on inclusive insurance Other
seminars 3 February 2022 Mutual Leadership: Adapting to a Complex World An ICMIF online course
icmif_member_news 2 February 2022 NFU Mutual launches Net Zero RoadmapSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 1 February 2022 UK charities nominated by brokers receive share of GBP 120,000 Ecclesiastical Insurance’s “12 days of giving” campaign Contribution
icmif_member_news 31 January 2022 Co-operators contributes CAD 350,000 to fund zero waste lab start-up and first projectSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionContribution
icmif_member_news 28 January 2022 The P&V Group has been certified a Top Employer 2022 Other
icmif_member_news 28 January 2022 Co-operative Insurance Companies selects Betterview Remote Property Intelligence Platform to reduce loss control expensesDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 27 January 2022 Royal London lends a helping hand to wellbeingDigitalOther
report 27 January 2022 Guy Carpenter January 2022 reinsurance renewal briefing notes an evolving market leads to divergent outcomesOther
icmif_member_news 21 January 2022 Swiss Re one of two pioneers to receive the Digital Trust Label – world’s first label for digital responsibility launched by the Swiss Digital Initiative DigitalBrandingOther
icmif_member_news 18 January 2022 NFU Mutual partners with Risk Solved to deliver improved digital loss control and health & safety services for its membersDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 17 January 2022 Beneva unveils first results of a study on corporate health and wellness practices Other
icmif_member_news 17 January 2022 HUK-COBURG announces range of initiatives to become more sustainableHUK-COBURG(ドイツ)は、さらなる持続可能へのいろいろな取り組みを発表しましたSDGsClimate / Environment
aoa_member_news 14 January 2022 CLIMBS enhanced ‘Weather Protect Insurance’ product pays out first claims following devastation caused by Typhoon Odette New productsPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 14 January 2022 African Risk Capacity provides innovative parametric insurance policy to protect thousands in Zimbabwe from drought risk Other
icmif_member_news 14 January 2022 Sancor Seguros’ business incubator CITES Impulsa recognised in the 2021 Conscience Awards Other
icmif_member_news 12 January 2022 Ecclesiastical publishes new guidance to help brokers talk through key risks with education clients Other
icmif_member_news 6 January 2022 GF Forsikring gives millions back to its members Contribution
icmif_member_news 6 January 2022 Achmea opts for a climate-neutral strategy and joins the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance SDGsClimate / Environment
aoa_member_news 5 January 2022 NTUC Income launches SNACKFIT, a first-of-its-kind fitness and lifestyle proposition that offers bonus insurance coverage based on biological age New productsDigital
general_meetings 28 December 2021 ICMIF Biennial ConferenceOther
icmif_member_news 24 December 2021 An early Christmas present of DKK 134 million for LB Forsikring’s members in loyalty discountContribution
icmif_member_news 24 December 2021 IBISA secures EUR 1.5m seed funding to revolutionise agricultural insurance Investing / FundContributionOther
seminars 17 December 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: A framework for measuring mutual valueOther
seminars 17 December 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Building a modern insurer on 125 years of mutual historyOther
seminars 17 December 2021 Other
other_news 16 December 2021 Gore Mutual completes 80 per cent of Next Horizon transformation in less than two years BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 16 December 2021 Latest donations see NFU Mutual Charitable Trust top GBP 1m of support for UK charities in 2021 Contribution
icmif_member_news 15 December 2021 Beneva gives over CAD 1 million to Centraide-United Way to help vulnerable people in communities in Canada BrandingOther
aoa_member_news 15 December 2021 CLIMBS celebrates its cooperative identity and heritage at virtual event with Rochdale Pioneers Museum in Manchester, UK Other
icmif_member_news 14 December 2021 Royal London is first mutual company to use Pawprint for Business as part of its climate change commitments SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 14 December 2021 Folksam extends its partnerships with Honda and used car company Riddermark Bil Other
icmif_member_news 14 December 2021 Co-operators champions the next generation of Canadian cooperative leaders with newly launched Co-operators Young Leaders Award Contribution
report 13 December 2021 World Cooperative Monitor 2021: 10 years of exploring the cooperative economy SDGsOther
webinars 10 December 2021 “SDGs Series 3 (Initiative for building sustainable local communities)”SDGs
icmif_member_news 9 December 2021 AVBOB continues to support victims of gender-based violence through partnership with TEARS Foundation in South Africa ContributionOther
icmif_member_news 9 December 2021 Ecclesiastical’s Education Risk Barometer will help brokers talk through the top risks facing education clientsOther
aoa_member_news 8 December 2021 NTUC Income makes first foray overseas with offer of Insurance-as-a-Service in Southeast Asia DigitalOther
icmif_member_news 8 December 2021 Gore Mutual donates CAD 150,000 to Canadian Red Cross to support those affected by BC floodsContributionPandemic / Disaster
report 7 December 2021 Strong growth forecast for global insurance markets as demand for risk protection increases, says Swiss Re Institute Pandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 7 December 2021 Achmea uses EUR 300 million of reserves to make health insurance premiums more affordable for customers Contribution
aoa_member_news 6 December 2021 Capricorn gives record profits back to members Contribution
icmif_member_news 6 December 2021 Dina Försäkringar and Länsförsäkringar top the Swedish rankings for most satisfied customers in property insurance BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 3 December 2021 The Commonwell launches CAD 1 million initiative to re-energise learning and engagement within local communitiesContributionPandemic / Disaster
report 2 December 2021 AFM report outlines plan to ‘future proof’ UK financial mutualsOther
report 2 December 2021 Record-breaking nine-month InsurTech investment surpasses USD 10 billion threshold in Q3 2021DigitalInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 2 December 2021 Univé wins prestigious prize for its Cyberhulp cyber security coverDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 30 November 2021 P&V launches the first mobile insurance agency Other
icmif_member_news 30 November 2021 Legacy to Leader: Gore Mutual wins global innovation award recognising its digitally-led transformationDigital
report 30 November 2021 Other
other_news 19 November 2021 Germany announces support to subsidise climate insurance for African Risk Capacity (ARC) Member States at COP26 SDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
aoa_member_news 19 November 2021 Zenkyoren announces ESG investment in “S&P 500 Carbon Efficient Index in TTM Rates JPY Hedged” SDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 19 November 2021 Co-operators partners with PrevTech Innovations to offer new farm fire prevention programme in Canada PreventionNew productsDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 19 November 2021 Co-operators and Wawanesa Mutual confirm their support for the DHAN Foundation in India Contribution
seminars 19 November 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Prevention as a strategic advantage for mutualsOther
icmif_member_news 17 November 2021 Folksam collaborates in SEK 1.5 billion investment to support climate action projects in developing countries Climate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
other_news 17 November 2021 MARI Oceans, part of the Asia Affinity Group, featured at COP26 Resilience Hub SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 16 November 2021 Länsförsäkringar AB has set a new investment goal of being climate positive by 2045 SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 15 November 2021 ICMIF and members join call for policymakers and Governments to ‘Turn Talk into Action’ at COP26 SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
seminars 15 November 2021 AOA Webinar : SDGs Series 3 (Initiative for building sustainable local communities) 10/Dec/2021(Fri) 13:00(JST)SDGs
icmif_member_news 11 November 2021 Ecclesiastical encourages brokers to speak to their education clients about climate change risksSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 9 November 2021 Univé to scale up sustainable energy project that replaces asbestos roofs with solar roofs SDGsClimate / Environment
aoa_member_news 8 November 2021 BCCM report highlights the role of agricultural cooperatives in disaster and recovery planning ContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 5 November 2021 Climate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 5 November 2021 Länsförsäkringar has increased its investments in sustainability-oriented bonds tenfold SDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
other_news 4 November 2021 Mutual and cooperative insurers demonstrate targeted climate change impact at the 76th President of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 4 November 2021 IPB rated strongly for its ESG practicesSDGs
icmif_member_news 1 November 2021 Red River Mutual reinforces commitment to protect community spaces ContributionOther
icmif_member_news 1 November 2021 Folksam Liv pays out SEK 854 million in bonuses to over 900,000 customers Contribution
icmif_member_news 1 November 2021 Simplyhealth donation helps get 50 UK community sports groups back up and running ContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 28 October 2021 MAIF launches Bien ou Bien e-commerce site aimed at encouraging responsible consumption SDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 28 October 2021 CIC Group launches a self-service portal for vehicle garages and assessorsDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 28 October 2021 Beneva continues its integration and launches its first brand awareness campaignBrandingOther
report 18 October 2021 UN Secretary General report highlights the role of cooperatives in social development and response to COVID-19 pandemicPandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 18 October 2021 OneFamily supports housing advice service for older people in the UK Other
icmif_member_news 18 October 2021 Co-operators rebrands with a shift from insurance to holistic financial services and advice BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 15 October 2021 Aéma Groupe completes the acquisition of Aviva France to become the fifth largest insurer in France Other
icmif_member_news 15 October 2021 Wawanesa Insurance celebrates 125th anniversary with $700,000 donation to local community organisationsPandemic / Disaster
aoa_member_news 15 October 2021 Kokumin Kyosai Co-op launches a new disaster prevention and mitigation educational programme for childrenSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPandemic / Disaster
aoa_member_news 14 October 2021 SEWA Cooperative Federation recognised by WEF as one of India’s last-mile Covid-19 responders Pandemic / DisasterOther
aoa_member_news 14 October 2021 Lawcover goes live in Australia with SaaS core systemsDigital
other_news 14 October 2021 JCIA Young Leader shares the value he gained from participating in ICMIF virtual roundtable Other
report 8 October 2021 Report - Participation in the Young Leaders Programme (May.2021)PDFOther
seminars 8 October 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Insurtech partnerships and the companies enabling themDigital
seminars 8 October 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Univé Cyberhulp: A digital risk expansion on the mutual promiseDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 7 October 2021 African Risk Capacity (ARC) and UN Women join forces to integrate gender into disaster risk managementOther
other_news 6 October 2021 ICMIF joins International Coalition of the Social Solidarity EconomyOther
report 4 October 2021 New NAMIC report affirms the overall financial strength and stability of mutual insurers Other
icmif_member_news 30 September 2021 AAM launches a digital campaign to educate young people on the benefits of mutuality and mutual insuranceOther
icmif_member_news 30 September 2021 Special AVBOB fund assists with restoration of SMMEs and NGOsContributionOther
icmif_member_news 29 September 2021 The Unipolis Foundation supports the launch of the first sustainable mobility manifesto by Italian schools SDGsContributionOther
icmif_member_news 29 September 2021 The Co-operators recognised as a Kincentric Best Employer 2021 BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 28 September 2021 Länsförsäkringar Liv signs global climate appeal calling for increase in ambition and pace of climate workSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
aoa_member_news 27 September 2021 NTUC Income launches SNACK Investment, an industry-first Micro Investment-Linked Plan that integrates micro-investments into consumers’ everyday lives New productsDigital
aoa_member_news 17 September 2021 Zenkyoren announces ESG investment in nutrition bonds to support the SDGs SDGsInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 17 September 2021 Securian Financial and Securian Asset Management sign Principles for Responsible Investment SDGsInvesting / FundOther
seminars 15 September 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Building out a sustainability framework for purpose-driven insurersSDGsInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 15 September 2021 Achmea to plant one million trees in reforestation programme Climate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
report 15 September 2021 Global reinsurance capital, profits, and ROE on the rise in H1: Willis ReOther
report 15 September 2021 Swiss Re sees growing demand for insurance protection, positive outlook for premiums Other
other_news 14 September 2021 The ICMIF team lends its support to the ICMIF Foundation appeal to help India’s low-income communities affected by Covid-19 ContributionPandemic / Disaster
report 14 September 2021 Growth through differentiation: EY global insurance mutual market scan identifies four principles for mutual insurers Other
aoa_member_news 13 September 2021 On the road to a driverless future as the RAC Intellibus® marks five years Other
icmif_member_news 13 September 2021 R+V Versicherung wins prestigious brand award 2021 for best brand relaunch BrandingOther
report 13 September 2021 Global (re)insurance: Underlying profitability improves at H1 but inflation and rate deceleration remain concerns Other
icmif_member_news 10 September 2021 Mutual Fire Insurance ranked as a Five-Star Carrier in 2021 BrandingOther
icmif_member_news 10 September 2021 Royal London research finds 15.9m UK adults are more financially vulnerable as a result of the pandemic ContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 10 September 2021 African Risk Capacity receives overall lowest-risk ESG rating in the insurance industry Other
icmif_member_news 9 September 2021 LB Forsikring’s electric car insurance is ranked “Best in Test” Other
webinars 7 September 2021 “SDGs Series 2 (Risk Reduction(Good health and disaster prevention))”SDGsPrevention
icmif_member_news 6 September 2021 The IMA Group experiences record levels of demand for support from its 45 million members during an exceptional summer Other
icmif_member_news 3 September 2021 AVBOB champions education and literacy in South Africa SDGsOther
general_meetings 26 August 2021 Notice of the AOA General Meeting (In writing)
report 23 August 2021 Severe weather events drive global insured catastrophe losses of USD 42 billion in first half of 2021, Swiss Re Institute estimates Other
icmif_member_news 23 August 2021 Simplyhealth campaign focuses on improving men’s mental health and fostering open, honest conversations on healthPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 20 August 2021 Ecclesiastical launches sensor technology proposition to prevent water leakage and electrical fire risks PreventionDigital
aoa_member_news 20 August 2021 New partnership for 1 Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines (1CISP) to boost lending confidence and financial inclusion Other
icmif_member_news 19 August 2021 Achmea continues its commitment to sustainable mobility through investment in electric car subscription company New productsDigital
icmif_member_news 19 August 2021 Unipol launches Italy’s first “Try-Before-You-Buy” motor insurance programme New productsDigital
aoa_member_news 19 August 2021 CLIMBS launches enhanced ‘Weather Protect Insurance’ for farmers aided by fellow ICMIF member IBISA SDGsContribution
aoa_member_news 19 August 2021 NTUC Income launches TRIBE, Singapore’s first subscription-based insurance that offers on-demand adaptability with no lock-in periodsNew productsDigital
aoa_member_news 18 August 2021 CAMIC members support the DHAN Foundation in India in act of solidarity amongst Canadian mutuals Contribution
seminars 12 August 2021 AOA Webinar : SDGs Series 2 (Risk Reduction(Good health and disaster prevention)) 7/Sep/2021(Tue) 13:00(JST)SDGsPrevention
seminars 6 August 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Detecting organised fraud via social network analysisPreventionDigital
news 6 August 2021 Beneva adopts long-term WFH approach based on employee trust and respectOther
report 6 August 2021 New research by Ecclesiastical finds specialist brokers have the edge on their rivals Other
icmif_member_news 5 August 2021 R+V Versicherung launches internal fundraising campaign to support workers in aftermath of floods in Germany Climate / EnvironmentPreventionContributionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 5 August 2021 Cornish Mutual rolls out hay fire prevention trial with MembersPreventionDigitalOther
icmif_member_news 5 August 2021 Royal London research finds over half of consumers want their pension invested responsibly to help tackle climate change SDGsClimate / EnvironmentOther
icmif_member_news 4 August 2021 ICMIF members recognised in Argentinian national competition to combat fraud in the insurance industry Other
icmif_member_news 3 August 2021 Achmea takes the next step towards climate-neutral business operationsSDGsClimate / Environment
other_news 3 August 2021 AM Best’s September Reinsurance Market Briefing will take place onlineOther
aoa_member_news 2 August 2021 Amana Takaful Insurance extends support to local communities in mutuality and solidarity ContributionOther
report 26 July 2021 Swiss Re Institute publishes latest sigma report; forecasts record global insurance premium at USD 7 trillion by the end of 2022 Other
icmif_member_news 21 July 2021 Gore Mutual announces new operating model for auto lines cover and launches national contact centre DigitalOther
icmif_member_news 21 July 2021 Folksam improves protection against violence in close relationships
report 20 July 2021 Global reinsurance approaching equilibrium: Willis Re 1st ViewOther
icmif_member_news 20 July 2021 NFU Mutual donates GBP 2m to local charities as ongoing crisis drives need for supportContribution
icmif_member_news 19 July 2021 UK charities celebrate share of GBP 1million fund thanks to Ecclesiastical and nominations from brokers Contribution
report 16 July 2021 Australia’s secret to success is worth billions says BCCM’s National Mutual Economy ReportOther
icmif_member_news 14 July 2021 The Co-operators sets targets for a net-zero futureSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 13 July 2021 LB Forsikring sets clear climate goals for its investments as part of its role in the green transition SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
aoa_member_news 13 July 2021 Income expands coverage of electric vehicles with new usage-based motor insurance model SDGsClimate / EnvironmentNew productsDigital
icmif_member_news 12 July 2021 Royal London commits to net zero by 2050 and thereby protect customers’ standard of livingSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 12 July 2021 MAIF renews the freeze on its auto insurance rates for 2022 Other
icmif_member_news 8 July 2021 Folksam increases its ownership in steel company SSAB to support its transition to fossil free production SDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 7 July 2021 Afa Försäkring invests in a social bond which aims to achieve some of the UN Sustainable Development GoalsSDGsInvesting / Fund
news 7 July 2021 Beneva contributes CAD 1 million to create Relief Research Chair in Mental Health, Self-Management, and Work ContributionOther
aoa_member_news 30 June 2021 Asia Affinity Holdings and RightIndem strike an alliance to provide digital claims solutions in Asia Digital
icmif_member_news 29 June 2021 Clean sweep for mutuals in 2021 US auto insurer rankings Other
other_news 28 June 2021 G7 backs making climate risk disclosure mandatory Climate / EnvironmentOther
other_news 28 June 2021 UN Chief tells insurance sector decisive action is needed in fight against climate changeSDGsClimate / Environment
icmif_member_news 21 June 2021 How mutuals can differentiate to drive growth and create value Other
icmif_member_news 21 June 2021 Río Uruguay Seguros launches first transgender health insurance in Latin America Other
icmif_member_news 21 June 2021 Surco Seguros recognised by Great Places to Work Uruguay for the quality of its organisational cultureBrandingOther
report 21 June 2021 Swiss Re’s SONAR examines the emerging risks set to shape a post-COVID-19 worldOther
icmif_member_news 18 June 2021 Sancor Seguros launches a corporate venture capital fund to invest in insurtech, fintech and healthtech Digital
icmif_member_news 18 June 2021 NFU Mutual offers small business customers free social media tools to help them connect with their communities Digital
icmif_member_news 17 June 2021 The Unipol Group launches a national Covid-19 vaccine programme across Italy PreventionPandemic / Disaster
report 17 June 2021 Best’s Market Segment Report: Mutuals Embrace Innovation to Cement Their European Insurance Market Role Other
icmif_member_news 17 June 2021 EMC Mobileye offers collision avoidance systems to policyholders Digital
icmif_member_news 17 June 2021 Simplyhealth launches SimplyPlan: a new app for improved customer experience DigitalOther
icmif_member_news 16 June 2021 Achmea can now deal with increasing storm damage claims faster with a new national roof tile networkOther
icmif_member_news 16 June 2021 LB Forsikring aims to be Denmark’s preferred insurance company for electric cars Other
other_news 16 June 2021 The ICMIF Foundation launches an appeal to support India’s low-income communities affected by COVID-19 Pandemic / DisasterOther
icmif_member_news 15 June 2021 Sygeforsikringen “danmark” donates DKK 150 million to research projects on health and preventionContribution
seminars 15 June 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Mutuality at the heart of a purpose-driven growth strategyOther
webinars 8 June 2021 “SDGs Series 1 (Introduction)”SDGs
icmif_member_news 7 June 2021 Ecclesiastical Insurance Group launches the Movement for Good awards 2021 BrandingContribution
icmif_member_news 4 June 2021 Finnish high schools receive a large book donation from LocalTapiola to increase young people’s awareness of climate change ContributionOther
icmif_member_news 3 June 2021 The P&V tower in Brussels lit up in the colours of the rainbow in support of a more inclusive society Other
other_news 3 June 2021 ICMIF member initiatives will help implement the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 2 June 2021 Unipol launches advanced telematics solution to improve driver safety
aoa_member_news 28 May 2021 Other
icmif_member_news 26 May 2021 More than 25% of damaged car bumpers are repaired instead of replaced by LB ForsikringOther
aoa_member_news 21 May 2021 ICMIF members’ Covid-19 initiatives provide inspirational learning for Japanese members’ study sessionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 21 May 2021 Driving sustainably: HUK-COBURG expands telematics offering to include incentives for being environmentally conscious Climate / EnvironmentDigital
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 Afa Försäkring funds research into the role of managers and mental illness in the workplace Other
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 Ecclesiastical in UK’s top four for charitable givingBrandingContribution
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 Simplyhealth launches SimplyVolunteer to provide volunteering opportunities for employees ContributionOther
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 The Commonwell recognised for creating a collaborative, inclusive culture BrandingContributionOther
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 Univé Insurance to offer cyber protection to over 1 million policyholders in partnership with Sontiq® Cyberscout Digital
icmif_member_news 20 May 2021 Vaudoise to distribute CHF 40 million of profits to its policyholders SDGsContribution
report 19 May 2021 Peak Insights 2021: Asia demographic trends: elders and millennialsOther
icmif_member_news 19 May 2021 Innovation in sustainability: a virtual game from the Sancor Seguros Group helps raise awareness in a cooperative way SDGsContributionOther
report 19 May 2021 Willis Re: Global InsurTech investment reaches all-time high of USD 2.55 billion in Q1 2021 DigitalInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 19 May 2021 Folksam adopts new climate targets for its investment portfolios by 2025 SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionInvesting / Fund
icmif_member_news 19 May 2021 NFU Mutual named as one of LinkedIn’s Top 25 companies in the UKBrandingOther
report 19 May 2021 From protection to prevention: cooperative and mutual insurers will help address urgent challenge of disaster risk reduction says UNDRR and ICMIF report SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionOther
icmif_member_news 19 May 2021 Royal London launches innovation programme with social entrepreneursContributionOther
icmif_member_news 18 May 2021 How PG Mutual is caring for communities: charities, trees and LEDsClimate / EnvironmentBrandingContribution
icmif_member_news 18 May 2021 Desjardins focused on net zero emissions for 2040SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
icmif_member_news 18 May 2021 CIC wins Decade of Excellence Insurance awardBrandingOther
other_news 18 May 2021 EY joins the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) Other
seminars 17 May 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Funding innovation for a sustainable and future-proof society Date: 17 June 2021, 3pm BST (UK time)SDGs
seminars 17 May 2021 AOA Webinar : SDGs Series 1 (Introduction) 8/June/2021(Tue) 13:00(JST)SDGs
seminars 17 May 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Reinsurer’s approach to pricing of property risk Date: 2 June 2021, 9pm BST (UK time)Other
seminars 17 May 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Impacting the Sustainable Development Goals through mutual microinsurance Date: 27 May 2021, 3pm BST (UK time)SDGs
seminars 17 May 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Exploration vs exploitation: Innovation in subscription-based insurance models Date:25 May 2021, 3pm BST (UK time)DigitalOther
icmif_member_news 14 May 2021 Thrivent to pay out USD 280 million in client dividends in 2021 Contribution
icmif_member_news 14 May 2021 Purpose of mutuality clear for PPS as it shares profits with members following unprecedented yearContributionPandemic / Disaster
other_news 14 May 2021 Länsförsäkringar reaches over SEK 17 billion in sustainability-oriented bonds in its life and insurance portfoliosSDGsClimate / EnvironmentInvesting / Fund
other_news 13 May 2021 A message from AOA to our membersOther
icmif_member_news 11 May 2021 The Co-operators underscores importance of building community resilience and sustainability at 2021 Annual General MeetingSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionPandemic / Disaster
icmif_member_news 10 May 2021 NFU Mutual gives free driving confidence sessions to 1,000 customers ContributionOther
report 10 May 2021 Willis Re Reinsurance Report: 7% growth in global reinsurance capital, with signs of underlying combined ratio improvement Other
seminars 20 April 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Unlocking success in core system implementation as part of a digital transformation journey,Date: 20 May 2021, 3pm BST (UK time)Digital
seminars 20 April 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Helping navigate your InsurTech journey, Date: 12 May 2021, 3pm BST (UK time)Other
seminars 20 April 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Driving the shift to a circular economy through prevention and sustainable claims management,Date: 6 May 2021, 3pm BST (UK time),SDGsClimate / Environment
seminars 20 April 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR From protection to prevention: The role of cooperative and mutual insurance in disaster risk reduction,Date: 30 April 2021, 12pm BST (UK time)Climate / EnvironmentPreventionPandemic / Disaster
other_news 14 April 2021 La Mobilière acquires the Flatfox real estate portal DigitalOther
other_news 13 April 2021 Royal London enhances adviser and employer support through acquisition of Wealth Wizards Other
other_news 12 April 2021 Two ICMIF members recognised as industry leaders for use cases in data, analytics and AI Digital
report 12 April 2021 Report highlights life changing rehabilitation approach to catastrophic injury ContributionOther
report 7 April 2021 More of the same for 1 April reinsurance renewals: Willis Re 1st ViewOther
report 7 April 2021 Latest sigma: Insurers hit by USD 89 billion of losses from disasters in 2020 Other
other_news 6 April 2021 Folksam extends its partnership with the Swedish Athletics AssociationContributionOther
other_news 6 April 2021 Seguros Unimed Super App reaches 500,000 downloadsDigitalOther
other_news 6 April 2021 MAIF launches “Sport Planète” initiative for 2021Contribution
other_news 5 April 2021 Gore Mutual enhances anti-fraud capabilities in underwriting and claims PreventionDigitalOther
other_news 5 April 2021 LB Forsikring establishes new knowledge centre for injury prevention Other
other_news 2 April 2021 R+V Versicherung rewards members with EUR 10 million premium refundContribution
other_news 2 April 2021 The Co-operators recognised on Women Lead Here benchmark of executive gender diversityBrandingOther
other_news 2 April 2021 Royal London shares GBP 146 million of profits with customersContribution
other_news 1 April 2021 Simplyhealth gains Carbon Neutral + status Climate / EnvironmentPreventionBrandingOther
other_news 1 April 2021 New Länsförsäkringar research project on artificial intelligence as a tool in responsible investmentDigitalContribution
other_news 31 March 2021 Ecclesiastical supports churches in the UK with new Trust130 schemeContribution
webinars 30 March 2021 “Innovation and/or Flexible Working in response to the current environment”Other
other_news 30 March 2021 Swiss Re announces ambitious climate targets; accelerates race to net zeroSDGsClimate / EnvironmentPrevention
seminars 19 March 2021 UPCOMING ICMIF WEBINAR: Reimagining motor insurance the mutual way,Date:21 April 2021,3pm BST(UK time)
seminars 19 March 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR The emerging risks from COVID-19 in 2021 and beyond,Date:8 April 2021,Date:3pm BST(UK Time)Pandemic / Disaster
seminars 18 March 2021 Upcoming ICMIF WEBINAR: HUK-Coburg’s journey to create an effective telematics solution,Date:23 March 2021,3pm GMTDigital
other_news 18 March 2021 The Sancor Seguros Group Foundation joins forces with UNESCO to promote cooperative education in Latin AmericaContributionOther
other_news 18 March 2021 AM Best becomes signatory to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) SDGsOther
other_news 18 March 2021 Royal London announces partnership with The British & Irish LionsOther
other_news 17 March 2021 Jackpot for the Folksam Group in the Sustainable Brand Index rankingsSDGsBrandingOther
other_news 17 March 2021 Simplyhealth named best ‘Health Insurance Innovator’ in the Finder Awards 2021 BrandingContribution
other_news 17 March 2021 Onderlinge ‘s-Gravenhage launches new online platform to support the elderlyDigitalOther
other_news 17 March 2021 LocalTapiola recognised as one of Finland’s most inspiring workplaces Other
aoa_member_news 16 March 2021 Zenkyoren produces educational DVD aimed at reducing traffic accidents during the Covid-19 pandemicJA共済連がコロナ禍における交通安全教育DVDを製作ContributionPandemic / Disaster
other_news 16 March 2021 Thrivent proudly celebrates 10 consecutive years as one of the world’s most ethical companiesスライべント(アメリカ)が10年連続で世界で最も倫理的な企業の1つに選ばれましたBrandingOther
other_news 16 March 2021 Beneva leaders jointly awarded top honours in Quebec’s financial sectorベネバ(カナダ)の指導者がケベック州の金融セクターで最高の栄誉を共同授与しましたBrandingOther
other_news 16 March 2021 Ajusto from Desjardins Insurance: Recognising driving habits and going the extra mile to promote safer drivingデジャルダン(カナダ)の「Ajusto」:運転習慣を認識し、より安全な運転を促進するためにさらに一歩前進するNew productsDigital
other_news 16 March 2021 Mutual Fire Insurance declares premium refund for qualifying membersブリティッシュコロンビア・ミューチュアル火災保険(カナダ)は、保険料の割り戻しを宣言しますContribution
seminars 12 March 2021 AOA Webinar : Innovation and/or Flexible Working in response to the current environment 30/Mar/2021(Tue), 11:00(JST) (10:00(SGT, PST), 15:00(NST))Other
other_news 11 March 2021 Gore Mutual working to grow into a purpose-driven, digitally-led mutual insurerゴアミューチュアル保険(カナダ)は、目的に応じたデジタル主導の相互保険会社への成長を目指していますDigitalOther
other_news 11 March 2021 Eight UK charities receive vital support as NFU Mutual Charitable Trust provides GBP 750,000 funding boostNFU Mutual Charitable Trust(イギリス)の750,000ポンドの資金援助により、イギリスの8つの慈善団体が重要な支援を受けますContribution
other_news 25 February 2021 Shelter Insurance recognised as Top Diversity Employer for 2021シェルター保険(アメリカ)が2021年の「最もダイバーシティ(多様性)に優れた雇用主」に選ばれるBrandingOther
report 24 February 2021 The ClimateWise Principles Independent Review for 2020 has seen record improvement in scores across the ClimateWise membership2020年「クライメートワイズ・プリンシプルズ・インデペンデントレビュー」(ClimateWise Principles Independent Review)のスコアがクライメートワイズ会員全体で記録的に向上Climate / Environment
other_news 20 February 2021 AVBOB (South Africa) extends financial support during Covid-19 pandemicAVBOB(南アフリカ) 新型コロナウィルスのパンデミックに経済的支援を拡大ContributionPandemic / DisasterOther
other_news 20 February 2021 Royal London paid GBP 13.1 million for Covid-19 claims in 2020 helping the families of more than 2,100 customersロイヤル・ロンドン(イギリス) 2020年に新型コロナウィルス関連の請求に対し1,310万ポンド(19億3,880万円)を支払い、2,100を超える顧客世帯を支援するPandemic / DisasterOther
report 20 February 2021 Best’s Special Report: EIOPA’s Solvency II proposals seek to reform a very particular regimeAMベストの特別レポート:EIOPA(欧州保険・企業年金監督局)のソルベンシーII 提案は極めて特定の制度改革を目指すものOther