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other_activities 30 November 2021
other_activities 30 January 2021 AOA Activities Report(2020,2021)PDF
other_activities 19 December 2020 Notice of the AOA Extraordinary General Meeting (in writing)AOA臨時総会の開催(書面)について
other_activities 18 April 2020 REPORT: Recent AOA Activities (from September 2019 to April 2020) 【レポート】AOA - 最近の活動概況(2019年9月~2020年4月)
other_activities 4 September 2019 REPORT: Recent AOA Activities【レポート】AOA - 最近の活動概況
other_activities 28 August 2018 Report - Participation in the Young Leaders Programme at the ICMIF Biennial Conference【レポート】 ICMIF総会 ヤングリーダープログラム参加報告
other_activities 20 August 2018 Report - Recent Activities of AOA【レポート】AOA - 最近の活動概況
other_activities 21 May 2018 AOA Report - Toward the Emergence from Poverty - Promotion of Financial Inclusion and ICMIF Strategy / Case Study of Insurance Strategy in Asia【レポート】貧困脱却に向けて  ~金融包摂の促進とICMIF戦略、アジアにおける保険戦略事例~
other_activities 8 February 2018 2018 ICMIF Advanced Management Course (AMC) and AOA Scholarship [Scholarship already closed]【終了済み】2018年ICMIFアドバンスト マネジメントコース (AMC)の日程とAOA奨学金のご案内
other_activities 23 June 2017 AOA arranges visits to Japanese member organizationsAOAが3か国の会員団体のため日本での視察研修をアレンジ
other_activities 22 June 2017 AOA Board Meeting held in Tokyo
other_activities 22 June 2017 [The End of June is approaching!] Early Bird Discount! - ICMIF's Singapore Advanced Management Course (AMC) [Special Discount for AOA Members] 【適用期間終了済】6月末までの期間限定です!【AOA会員限定】 早期割引のお知らせ! - シンガポール開催のICMIFアドバンスト マネジメントコース (AMC)
other_activities 27 March 2017 New Chair of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF), Hilde Vernaillen visited East Asian countries国際協同組合保険連合(ICMIF)のヒルデ・フェルナイレン新会長らが東アジア各国を歴訪
other_activities 1 February 2017 ICMIF members pledge support for vulnerable communities through the 5-5-5「ICMIF 5-5-5 マイクロインシュランス開発戦略」へのご支援・ご協力のお願い
other_activities 26 January 2017 Schedule of 2017 ICMIF Advanced Management Course (AMC) and AOA Scholarship [Scholarship already closed]【終了済】2017年ICMIFアドバンスト マネジメントコース (AMC)の日程とAOA奨学金のご案内
other_activities 21 December 2016 Report on the visit to ICMIF training course (HPC: High Potential Course) in Singapore
other_activities 13 September 2016 ICMIF Leadership + (AMC, HPC) in Singapore in November
other_activities 25 December 2015 On the occasion of launching the AOA Website