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ICMIF Strategy 2019-2022

  ICMIF Strategy 2019-2022

AdobeStock_3576102_-_globe_for_Strategy_page_-_Jan_2019At the beginning of 2019, ICMIF launched a new strategy that will take it towards its vision of entering 2022, its centenary year, as an organisation that offers a distinct value proposition to the cooperative/mutual insurance sector, has the agility to respond swiftly to changes within its members’ markets, and is financially sustainable.

This new strategy has been designed following extensive research and consultation with ICMIF members to understand the changes taking place within the cooperative/mutual insurance sector, the true value that ICMIF offers, its limitations and its role in the future.

ICMIF’s purpose:

To help member organisations achieve their strategic goals and sustainably grow in their markets by leveraging the knowledge, competencies and experience of ICMIF’s global network and representing the sector’s interests to key stakeholders.

ICMIF’s strategic goals for 2019 to 2022 include:

Offering an agile, tailored service to all members, which helps them address their strategic challenges

Each ICMIF member receives an individual action plan that helps it tackle its strategic priorities, by connecting with other ICMIF members and partners around the world which can help, and benefitting from ICMIF’s unique business intelligence, events and development programmes.

Protecting millions of lives and livelihoods by extending access to cooperative/mutual insurance to more vulnerable communities

ICMIF is in dialogue with legislators, regulators and policymakers in emerging insurance markets to increase access to cooperative/mutual insurance and/or the equitable treatment of cooperative/mutual insurers to help protect more lives and reduce poverty.

Raising awareness of the cooperative/mutual business model and increasing understanding of what makes it unique and vital to the future of society

ICMIF represents the sector to external stakeholders by speaking at key global events, being involved in global forums, providing market information, and telling stories about the socio-economic benefits that members bring to their markets.

Ensuring the long-term financial and operational sustainability of ICMIF

ICMIF ensures its allocation of financial resources is clearly aligned to members’ priorities, and regularly reviews its assumptions to confirm the organisation’s funds will ensure its long-term sustainability.


As ICMIF enters its centenary year in 2022, it is set to be a sustainable organisation, recognised by all of its members for its unique value that cannot be obtained elsewhere.
ICMIF members can obtain a copy of the full Strategy document by contacting Alison Grant, Communications Manager.
It is reprinted with permission from the ICMIF site.