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Zenkyoren announces launch of the “The Peace of Mind Living” Project


Based on the basic concept of ” seamlessly standing closer ” to its members and local residents, Japanese ICMIF member Zenkyoren says it aims to provide new added value, focusing on services such as health promotion and disaster prevention, mitigation and recurrence prevention. As part of this effort, Zenkyoren has been conducting a “Healthy Body Project” also known as the “Genki na Karada Project” since April 2021 to provide comprehensive support for the health of its members, users and local residents.

The “Healthy Body Project” includes a brain training service which offers a free dementia prevention programme that can be taken online. In addition, Zenkyoren says it will introduce facilities handling blood tests to determine the risk of mild dementia disorder, a preliminary stage of dementia. In the exercise training service, an online dementia prevention programme will be offered at a preferential price.

Then, in April 2023, Zenkyoren launched a new Peace of Mind Living Project known as the “Anshin Kurashi Project”. Focusing on the three areas of homes, car and agriculture, this project provides various services to support safe and secure living for members, users, and local residents, including disaster prevention and mitigation and also recurrence prevention.

Through these two projects, Zenkyoren says it is supporting the creation of more affluent lifestyles for people.

In the area of homes, Zenkyoren contributes to policyholders being able to understand the condition of their homes and supports their efforts to prevent both disasters and crime prevention, thereby contributing to the mitigation of damage and early recovery in the event of a disaster, and help policyholders live in a safe and secure home.

Three services will be offered to Zenkyoren’s Building Endowment Insurance policyholders:
1. home repair/renovation contractor referral service,
2. home inspection service,
3. home security service.

The home repair and renovation contractor referral service use a navigation system operated by the affiliate to introduce home repair and remodeling contractors that meet the screening criteria which allows them to do work in the homes of Zenkyoren member policyholders.

The home inspection service provides survey and advisory services where neutral experts conduct home inspections. Home security services will be offered at preferential prices.

In the area of agriculture, Zenkyoren contributes to stable agricultural management by understanding risks related to agricultural management and supporting efforts to prevent and address them, thereby reducing damage and preventing recurrence in the event of a disaster or accident.

Zenkyoren also provides security services with security cameras at preferential prices to prevent theft of vehicles and farm machinery for policyholders of automobile insurance, building endowment insurance, or farmers’ liability insurance.

Through the two projects, Zenkyoren says it will support the creation of affluent lifestyles while standing closer to its members, users and local residents.