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About our new team

 We are pleased to inform you that the staff of the AOA Secretariat has changed as of 1 April.

Mr Tsutomu Matsubara and Mr Yasushi Yamasato, both of whom have been very active in AOA events and PR activities for several years, left the AOA Secretariat at the end of March following their retirement from Zenkyoren. Miwa Furue also left the AOA Secretariat due to a personnel changes at Zenkyoren. To deal with this, Shoji joined our team last year and has been taking over for Tsutomu throughout the past six months. And we welcomed Ms Shiho Morimoto as a new staff member. We will continue to work seamlessly as before.

This year our activities will focus on the AOA Members Study Group Visit in Japan and the AOA General Meeting in Argentina.

We look forward to seeing you at AOA activities.


【AOA Secretariat】 (as of 1 April 2024)

Hiroko Kowada (Ms) Executive Secretary
Shoji Osaka(Mr) Deputy Executive Secretary (Operations)
Tatsuya Matsuura(Mr) General meeting, and Accounting
Shiho Morimoto(Ms) PR, Accounting, and other operations