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AOA Extraordinary General Meeting and AOA Dinner(27 October 2022, Rome Italy)

Dear AOA members,

AOA is pleased to inform you of the AOA Extraordinary General Meeting (“EGM”) in accordance with Article 9 of the AOA bylaws. It will be held during the period of the ICMIF Centenary Conference  (25(Tue) – 28(Fri)  October 2022). We sincerely hope that you can attend EGM.

You are cordially invited to the AOA Dinner that will be held after the GM. It would be grateful if you could join us to deepen a friendship between members.


AOA Extraordinary General Meeting

1) Date and time:
17:30-18:30, Thursday 27 October 2022
(Following the ICMIF Conference Day Two)
2) Venue:
Michelangelo Ballroom, Rome Marriott Park Hotel, Rome
(Same venue as the ICMIF Conference)
3) Agenda(tentative):
-Timing of the next AOA General Meeting and associated issues to be addressed-
A) Timing of the next AOA General Meeting(Draft)
B) Activity plans for the years from 2022 to 2024(Draft)
C) Method of deciding annual membership fees for the years from 2022 to 2025(Draft)
4) Note:
Detailed documents related to the agenda will be sent at a later date. Simultaneous translation between English and Japanese will be made.

AOA Dinner

1) Date and time:
19:30-22:00, Thursday 27 October 2022(Time is tentative)
2) Venue(TBC)
Les Etoiles at Atlante Star Hotel in central Rome (
3) Note
Special bus services to and from the restaurant will be arranged. Details including departure time and a gathering spot will be informed at a later date.


Please register shown as the table below. Those who have already registered for the ICMIF Centenary Conference and applied for the Asia and Oceania Association Meeting and the Asia and Oceania Dinner do not have to register again.
Event Registration Deadline
EGM Please apply for the Asia and Oceania Association Meeting and the Asia and Oceania Dinner at ICMIF Centenary Conference registration site. Please register early for our preparation.


If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact to Tsutomu Matsubara of the AOA Secretariat (tel: +81-3-5215-9108, e-mail: