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AOA Members’ Study Group Visit 2024 Tokyo


Welcome message


Zenkyoren, Kokumin Kyosai co-op, and CO-OP Kyosairen are honored to co-host the AOA Members’ Study Group Visit 2024 in Tokyo and are pleased to deliver our welcome message to AOA members.

In Japan, where we can feel a change of the four seasons distinctly, May is said to be the most pleasant season with fresh green foliage, mild weather, and low humidity. We are delighted to have an opportunaty to welcome you in this wonderful season.

We, three Kyosai(cooperative insurance) organizations have different types of members such as farmers, laborers, and consumers. Although we have shown our organization’s initiatives at ICMIF conferences and AOA seminars in the past, we believe that this on-site visit will deepen your understanding more and more. You can learn overall situation of Kyosai business in Japan and similalities and differences among the three organizations by actually visiting them in this occasion.

In recent years, ICMIF conferences and AOA seminars have picked up varieties of topics that the members have emphasized in their strategies. In this time, we would like to explain some of our initiatives such as “Response to Disasters,” “SDGs,” and “Sales Approach to Youth”.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to visit Japan as your business catalyst.







Zenkyoren           Kokumin Kyosai co-op  CO-OPKyosai

President           President           President

Fumio Yanai        Shuichi Uchikoshi          Toshiaki Wada



  1. Dates :  22(Wed) – 23(Thu) May 2024  Note:Since the “2024 Action Plan” was sent on 4 January, the date of the meeting has been moved forward by one day.
  2. Place : Tokyo, Chiba
  1. Hosts to be visited
  • Zenkyoren  
  • Kokumin Kyosai co-op
  • CO-OP Kyosai      

   Click here for each profile of the hosts.

《Cooperating organization》 JCIA

  1. Objective & Contents(expected)
  • Deepen your understanding of Kyosai (cooperative insurance) business in Japan as well as each characteristics of the host organizations.
  • Zenkyoren will explain “Preparedness and Response to Natural Disasters and Agricultural work accidents” through their experience and an on-site visit.
  • Kokumin Kyosai co-op will explain their latest activities for “SDGs”.
  • CO-OP Kyosai will explain “Initiatives of CO-OP Kyosai, which is revising its products based on members’ voices, and efforts to expand the circle of mutual aid among university students.” by visiting the University of Tokyo CO-OP, a member Co-op of CO-OP Kyosai.
  1. Itinerary(tentative)    Note: We will update this itinerary from time to time.
  • [Day One]  22(Wed) May
  • JCIA Zenkyoren
Time Program outline Organization in charge
TBD Gathering at JA Kyosai Building
Explaining outline of Japan Cooperative Insurance Business JCIA
     【Program Overview】

Letting participants understand Zenkyoren’s initiatives focusing on natural disasters and agricultural risks through lectures, field visits and experiential learning.

【Benefits for participants】

a) Kiyama, Senior Managing Director, who led the team as a General Manager for loss adjustments at the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 will speak about the importance of disaster response in Zenkyoren’s business and its strategy as well as recent development related to disaster response using information technology.

b) Mori, Managing Director, who led the team in the prefectural headquarters at the time of the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016 will speak about the strength of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives (JAs) in response to natural disasters.

c) Visiting the Makuhari Training Center, a place of training employees and affiliated people especially for underwritings and claims for Zenkyoren covering “People, Homes, and Vehicles” in order to understand Zenkyoren’s focus on human resources development.

d) Learning Zenkyoren’s strategy to ensure solvency in preparation for large-scale natural disasters and the method for prompt and appropriate claims payments.

e) Experiencing Disaster Preparedness Class using “Jishin The Vuton” (a class for both children and adults understanding the importance of preparedness by experiencing simulated earthquake shakings through a chair-type portable virtual reality (VR) equipment), which is utilized as one of our activities to reduce earthquake risk, so as for participants to understand the key point of Zenkyoren’s disaster preparedness initiative.

f) Learning an overview of Zenkyoren’s measures against agricultural risk as an organization of agricultural cooperatives and experiencing simulated agricultural work accident utilizing virtual reality (VR) equipment as one of the training programs. Also letting participants understand that these activities contribute to sustainable agriculture and are linked to solving social problems such as food, climate, and environment.

Evening Welcome dinner 3 hosts
  • [Day Two] 23(Thu) May  
  •  Kokumin Kyosai co-op    CO-OP Kyosai
Time Program outline Organization in charge
TBD Two available options.

【Option 1】 Gathering at JA Kyosai Building and moving to Kokumin Kyosai co-op building by a hired bus,

【Option 2】 Gathering at Kokumin Kyosai co-op building directly.


A.M.      【Theme】

“Kokumin Kyosai co-op’s Initiatives for SDGs”

【Program Overview】

a) “Response to Past Large-scale Disasters (Including The 2024 Noto earthquake)”

Highlighting the Niigata Great Fire (realizing payouts exceeding the collected mutual aid premiums), the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake (enactment of the Act Concerning Support for Reconstructing Livelihood of Disaster Victims), and the Great East Japan Earthquake

(Completion of payments with the motto ‘until the last person’)

b) “Future Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Project “

Introduction of the goals of this project, ongoing initiatives, and prospects.

c) “Fire and Natural Disaster policy “

Introducing the distinctive features of coverage for houses, dedicated products for Eco friendly Houses, donations to environmental organizations, and on-site investigation activities.

Kokumin Kyosai co-op
P.M.      【Theme】

Initiatives of CO-OP Kyosai, which is revising its products based on members’ voices, and efforts to expand the circle of mutual aid among university students.


CO-OP Kyosai will introduce the history of CO-OP Kyosai, which has been revising its products based on members’ voices. Also, will visit the the University of Tokyo CO-OP (hereafter “UT Co-op”), a member coop of the CO-OP Kyosai and located at the University of Tokyo, Japan’s highest academic institution, and introduce its approach to mutual aid at the University Co-op.

a) Outline of CO-OP Kyosai

We will introduce the history of CO-OP Kyosai, which has expanded to 9 million members through products’ revision based on 300,000 to 400,000 comments from members annually, with specific examples below.

・The history of products’ revision centering on the products for children’s coverage.

・The prenatal enrollment system scheduled to be implemented in 2024.

・The CO-OP Kyosai will provide the lifelong coverage from children to elderly.

b) Report on the efforts by university students for comprehensive mutual aid for students

In addition to an overview of the University Co-op, there will be a report by students active in the University Co-op on “Kyosai (=Mutual Insurance) that Students Promote and Help Themselves”.

c) Tour of the University of Tokyo Co-op

You will visit the facilities of the University of Tokyo Co-op. You can also shop for snacks, UT goods, etc. at the Co-op store.

*We are planning to have lunch at the UT Co-op’s cafeteria, so please look forward to it! (Halal and vegan are partially supported)

CO-OP Kyosai
  1. Participants

Executives, managers and staff members of AOA member organizations.

We expect that the maximum number of participants is around 30 persons in total. If there are too many applications, we may limit the number of participants to around 3 persons per each organization. (Please note that AOA’s directors participating in the event are out of this limitation.)

  1. Registration fee

The registration fee is free of charge for AOA members.

  1. Cost burden

Participants will bear the following expenses.

  • Airfare to Japan as well as other transportation expenses in Japan (excluding host-organizing tours)
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Other personal expenses during the stay in Japan
  1. Registration

Please register for participation by the end of March,2024 through here .

If participants are not decided but the number of participants is decided by the end of March, please inform the   AOA secretariat of the number by email.(

In addition, if you want to cancel or modify your registration, please also contact to AOA secretariat by email.

  1. Accommodation

Please make a hotel reservation by yourself in reference of the gathering place below. If you have questions regarding neighboring hotels to the gathering place, please ask us.

<Reference : Gathering place>

Gathering place Address
Day One JA Kyosai Building 2-7-9 Hirakawa-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

(Nearest station: Nagatacho, Hanzomon, Kojimachi (Subway) )

Day Two

【Option 1】: JA Kyosai Building

(moving from JA Kyosai Building to Kokumin Kyosai co-op Building by a hired bus)

【Option 2】: Kokumin Kyosai co-op Building

【Option 1】: 2-7-9 Hirakawa-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

【Option 2】: 2-12-10 Yoyogi Shibuya-ku Tokyo

(Nearest station: Shinjuku(South gate(JR)), Shinjuku(TOEI Subway))

  1. Language

Explanations will be given in Japanese or English. Interpretation (Japanese/English whispering or consecutive interpretation) will be provided.

  1. Visa support

If an entry Visa to Japan is needed, please let AOA secretariat know by email( and/or Registration Form as above.

  1. Airfare subsidy

AOA will provide an airfare subsidy to member organizations that meet the designated conditions. Details are  here. If member organizations would like to apply for the subsidy, please let AOA secretariat know by email(

  1. Information on Tokyo

Please refer to here about general information on Tokyo.


  1. Contact

If you have any questions, please contact to Shoji Osaka :