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Japan's Zenrosai launched a new brand “Kokumin Kyosai co-op”

Zenrosai, an AOA member in Japan, rebranded itself as ”Kokumin Kyosai co-op” on 1 June 2019 in order to become a friendly and approachable organization to many more people.

Zenrosai, a consumer cooperative established in September 1957, has expanded its business in the past 60 years. “This rebranding effort is aimed to encourage more people to join us by conveying the value of our activities and services again. The new name clearly signifies that our organization is a cooperative providing ‘Kokumin‘ or all citizens with ‘Kyosai‘ or cooperative insurance,” Zenrosai says.

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Kokumin Kyosai co-op says that it is committed to providing its members with more needed coverage suitable to their livelihood and ensuring the stable lives of those getting together in the cooperative.

While the current circumstances surrounding Japan are changing dramatically with difficult issues such as a low birthrate and an aging population as well as major natural disasters, Kokumin Kyosai co-op pledges to continue its contribution to people and society through insurance services with its philosophy of “Towards a Safe and Affluent Society with Mutual Help.”  (Website of Kokumin Kyosai co-op)

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