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AOA Biennial General Meeting and AOA Dinner - 14th November 2019, AOA/ICMIF Microinsurance Seminar - 11th November 2019, in Auckland, New Zealand

Dear AOA member:

cdakl-home-exterior1-1680-945AOA is pleased to inform you of the AOA General Meeting (the GM) in accordance with Article 6 of the AOA bylaws. It will be held during the period of the ICMIF Biennial Conference 2019 (Tuesday 12th November – Friday 15th November 2019). We sincerely hope that you can attend the GM.

You are cordially invited to the AOA Dinner that will be held after the GM. It would be grateful if you could join us and deepen a friendship between members.

In addition, AOA will hold its first Microinsurance Seminar in the region jointly with ICMIF. The date will be Monday 11th November 2019, that is just prior to the ICMIF Biennial Conference. We would like to invite you to attend it as well.

We look forward to welcoming you in Auckland!

Sincerely yours,

Fumio Yanai
Asia and Oceania Association (AOA) of the ICMIF


  • For details on each of the above events, please see the documents we sent by email on 15th August 2019.
  • Basic information such as the schedule for the ICMIF Biennial Conference is outlined on the AOA website.
  • For details on the ICMIF Biennial Conference, please check the ICMIF Conference website.


AOA General Meeting

1.Date and time:

17:30-18:30, Thursday 14th November 2019  (Following the ICMIF Conference Day Two)


The Great Room Ⅰ & Ⅱ, Cordis Auckland  (Same venue as the ICMIF Conference)

 Cordis, Auckland

83 Symonds Street, Grafton
Auckland 1010, New Zealand
3.Key agenda:

・Activity report

・Audited financial statements

・Proposals presented by the Board of Directors (TBA)

・Election of directors to serve until the next GM


・Detailed documents related to the agenda will be sent at a later date.

After the GM is over, the Board of Directors meeting will be held (by invitation only).

Please visit the ICMIF Conference website for registration.

AOA Dinner

1.Date and time:

19:30 (Departure from Cordis, Auckland) -22:00, Thursday 14th November 2019


FISH Restraunt, Hilton Auckland 

 FISH – Hilton Auckland

Level 1, Hilton Auckland
Princes Wharf, 147 Quay Street
Auckland 1010, New Zealand

・Chartered buses will be available between Cordis Auckland and Hilton Auckland.

・Free of charge for member organizations in principle.

・It will be a buffet style.

・Please visit the ICMIF Conference website for registration.

AOA/ICMIF Microinsurance Seminar

1.Date and time:

09:30-15:00, Monday 11th November 2019


Crystal Room, Cordis Auckland  (Same venue as the ICMIF Conference)

 Cordis, Auckland

83 Symonds Street, Grafton
Auckland 1010, New Zealand
3.Theme and agenda:

“Connecting to Emerging Markets” – Benefits and Opportunities for ICMIF Members

Please check the latest agenda here.


The seminar will be conducted in English only.

・Free of charge for member organizations.

Lunch (a buffet style) is included.

・Please visit the ICMIF Conference website for registration.

Please contact the AOA Secretariat for AOA GM, Dinner and Microinsurance Seminar.

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