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Upcoming ICMIF Webinar: The mutual advantage: Episode 3 - Making membership more meaningful through mutuality, PPS (South Africa) - 13 October 2020, 3pm BST (UK time)

As a financial services provider that is tailored to graduate professionals, PPS (South Africa) innovates continuously to solve the daily pain-points of its members and provide them with peace of mind. Their ethos of mutuality means that they exist solely for the benefit of their members by paying valid claims and sharing profits, thereby helping members to live the lives they want to live.

In this webinar, two of the team from PPS discuss mechanisms that make membership to this mutual society meaningful, with a focus on i) Profit-Share as a vehicle for creating and protecting the wealth of graduate professionals beyond their working years; ii) the PRO-FiT member engagement platform that will facilitate targeted rewards and value-adds, and harness the power of professionals that contribute to the thought leadership of the community; and iii) product design and claims-centricity as a differentiator in the insurance industry.


Shelley Jones, Head of Research and Development: Member Value Proposition, PPS (South Africa)

Dawn Ngwenya-Dibakwane, Head of Communications, PPS (South Africa)


This webinar is episode 3 in the ICMIF webinar series The mutual advantage.

In this series of bi-monthly webinars, ICMIF members from around the world present how they leverage their mutual/cooperative difference in order to gain competitive advantage in their market. In each case study, an ICMIF member shares how they embed the mutual/cooperative value proposition within their business strategy to create a positive differentiator from their competitors. Hear different examples of how mutuality makes a difference across various business functions, delivering enhanced value for member-customers and other stakeholders. We also hear how these mutual/cooperative insurers are transforming their business, in today’s rapidly changing landscape, to create a sustainable, purpose-driven, customer-centric organisation for the future.

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