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Upcoming ICMIF Webinar: HUK-Coburg’s journey to create an effective telematics solution - 23 March 2021, 3pm GMT


German mutual insurer HUK-Coburg first began experimenting with telematics in motor insurance in 2013. It launched its first telematics product in 2016, a black box solution that was only offered to young drivers in an attempt to lower their premiums. In 2019, it discontinued this offering, and launched a new telematics solution available to all HUK customers. The new product uses sensor technology to assess driving behaviour and a smartphone app to provide specific real-time feedback. Not only does the new telematics solution offer HUK’s customers a potential premium discount of up to 30%, it also actively promotes a positive change in driving behaviour that can improve traffic safety and reduce fuel consumption.

In this webinar, Dr Daniel John will share HUK-Coburg’s insights and experiences in developing its telematics solution. From HUK’s actuarial approach and algorithm for assessing driving behaviour to how its telematics solution has evolved based on data accuracy and customer feedback. Dr John will also cover some of the ethical issues associated with telematics, such as data protection, transparency and non-discrimination. Finally, he will share how effective telematics has been in terms of risk differentiation and selection and give us his thoughts on the future possibilities for telematics to contribute to both sustainability and the construction of safer and better roads.


Dr Daniel John, Head of the Actuarial Department for Non-life Insurance, HUK-Coburg (Germany)


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