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AOA arranges visits to Japanese member organizations

On the occasion of the meeting of the Board of Directors in Japan on May 30, 2017, AOA (the Asia and Oceania Association of ICMIF) has arranged visits to some Japanese member organizations.  Some of these visits responded to the requests of AOA directors.


At Zenkyoren’s Makuhari Training Center

Even in a short period of time, seeing other organizations’ business contents and initiatives directly in the field can give various stimulus and suggestions, together with a cross-cultural experience, to the participants of the visits.  At the same time, for the organizations being visited, it is also a great opportunity to feel confident and proud of their own business activities, because they often regard those activities as ordinary things.


This is very consistent with AOA’s objectives of promoting exchanges and friendship between member organizations, providing opportunities to solve problems common to members, and promoting cooperative and mutual insurance movement in the region.  Therefore, we are glad that AOA was able to arrange such various visits this time, and at the same time, we hope that these visits will be helpful for each participant and member organization in the near future.


  • Outline ot Visits
 Date and Time Place Contents Visiting members (Number of people) Organizaions  accepting visits
May 29, 2017  afternoon JA Shinshu Suwa (Nagano) Look at food value chain from production of agricultural products to processing, shipment, and local sales Sanasa (2) JA Shinshu Suwa
May 30, 2017  afternoon Makuhari Training Center (Chiba) An overview of the training and accommodation facilities plus tours and explanations of damage assessment facilities for both the automobile insurance and house insurance, etc. CARD MRI (7), FMG (1), Sanasa (2), Zenrosai(2), JCIA(1)  Zenkyoren
May 31, 2017  afternoon Beppu Rehabilitation Center (Oita) An overview of the facilities plus tours and explanations of each facility that provides rehabilitation and training with a view to social reintegration for victims of traffic accidents and other disabled people CARD MRI (7), FMG (1), Sanasa (2) Zenkyoren
June 1, 2017  afternoon JCIA (Tokyo) An overview of JCIA plus explanations on the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) CARD MRI (7) JCIA
June 2, 2017  morning JCIF (Tokyo) An overview of JCIF plus tours and explanations of insurance payment, etc. CARD MRI (7)  JCIF
June 2, 2017  afternoon Zenrosai (Tokyo) An overview of Zenrosai plus explanations on insurance payments in case of disasters, etc. CARD MRI (7)  Zenrosai



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