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New AOA Director and Chair

Mr_Fumio_YanaiIt is our great honor to announce that Mr. Fumio Yanai, new President of Zenkyoren, Japan, has been appointed AOA Director and that he has also been elected the new Chair.

As AOA received a notification of resignation as AOA Director from Mr. Tamotsu Shozui, AOA has discussed a successor director and new Chair at the Board of Directors Meeting on 29 August 2017, in accordance with the AOA bylaws. The term of Mr. Fumio Yanai is up to the next General Meeting on 18 October 2017.  Mr. Shozui retired as President of Zenkyoren on 26 July 2017.

Mr. Fumio Yanai has been President of Zenkyoren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives) since July 2017.  He joined Zenkyoren in April 1979.  Since then he has held various positions such as General Manager of the Accounting Department, Corporate Administration Department, and Human Resources Department.  After a period as Senior Managing Director in charge of Corporate Administration, Mr. Yanai was appointed President and is now leading Zenkyoren’s efforts to promote more community-rooted businesses and efficient operations in order to achieve Zenkyoren’s mission to provide a wide range of security to its members/policyholders and support further development of local communities. 

Mr. Yanai feels the significance of spreading the value of cooperatives/mutuals and AOA activities more and more.  Mr. Yanai also recognizes that members in the Asia-Oceania region are diverse, so he believes the AOA members can enhance mutual values by activating exchanges among members, and receiving a lot of stimulus and tips.  He is particularly keen to contribute to the creation of networks that allow the AOA members to respect other members and friendlily interact with each other.