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Please Send Us Information and Articles for “Member News”

The “Member News” site is a site for information exchanges among AOA members as well as for sharing information on our activities with the public.

Information and articles from AOA members will make this site more informative. Please read the following guidelines for sending information and articles, and utilize this site to share your news and communicate more.

1. Types of Information and Articles

      • Outlines of your activities such as general meetings, seminars and other events
      • Announcements about events which are open to other members
      • Best practices of business activities that you wish to share with other members
      • Items among many answers submitted to the Questionnaire Surveys for AOA activities (best practices in governance, new business strategies, innovative products or systems, social contribution activities, etc.)
      • Others

2. Formats

      • Please use English or Japanese (those will be translated at the Secretariat).
      • Please include a title for the information or article (a maximum of 100 letters for English and 50 characters for Japanese).
      • The text should be about 5,000 letters for English and about 2,500 characters for Japanese at a maximum.
      • We welcome photographs. When attaching photographs, the total data size should be a maximum of 600 KB, regardless of the number of photographs. The photographs should be in the jpg or png format.
      • The text should be in the Word or PDF format.
      • We cannot post video or audio files.

3. When to Send

      • You can send information and articles at any time.

4. How and Where to Send

      • Please send information and articles by attaching them to emails.

[Address]  The AOA Secretariat

5. Posting Times

      • We will post the information and articles at the end of the month or at the end of the following month, depending on when they were sent.

6. Others

      • The formats, etc. for the submission of information and articles may change, in accordance with how the site is being used and other circumstances.


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