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On the occasion of launching the AOA Website

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation for the activities of the Asia and Oceania Association (AOA) of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF).

We are pleased to announce that the Association now has its own website.

We have been developing the website as a measure to strengthen the activities of the AOA based on our members’ requests, in order to share our members’ various activities more easily, so that our members can deepen their understanding of each other and use the information for their own activities.

We hope that active information exchanges will take place among our members via the website. This will require the provision of information by our members. We would be grateful if you could send the information about your activities to the AOA Secretariat as well as utilizing the website.


Tamotsu Shozui
Chair of the AOA

会 長:勝瑞 保(日本、JA共済連)