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Welcome Message from the Host Organizations

Welcome to the city of Tokyo which is the center of various activities in Japan including politics, economy, and culture! JCIF, ZENKYOREN and ZENROSAI are very pleased to host the 2016 AOA seminar in Tokyo and welcome you all from Asia and Oceania region.

In Japan, we enjoy four distinctive seasons and the autumn is the best season to visit. Leaves start to be tinged with red and the beautiful scenery spreads throughout Japan. Autumn is referred to as the season of culture, the season for sports and the season for the arts as weather is at its most pleasant. This time is also well known for “good appetite” because of its fruitfulness. We hope every participant will enjoy this beautiful and “delicious” season in Tokyo and Gunma where we visit for the field trip on the second day. It would be wonderful if this opportunity will be as fruitful as the season through sharing our good practices and having face-to-face discussions.

The 2015 ICMIF Conference was held in Minneapolis last October. There were more than 280 delegates from 35 countries, including 50 delegates from AOA members. Among a number of topics, the two issues appeared clearly as our biggest challenges – they were “digitalization” and “Millennials (Generation Y).”

In that sense, the 2016 AOA seminar is designed to constitute the ICMIF Conference for the Asia and Oceania region.

The opportunity to focus on the issues we face, and build a network to communicate, learn, and broaden the possibilities of each other is valuable. We expect this seminar will be a big step for us to build a better world together through cooperation among AOA members.

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