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General Meeting / Board of Director Meeting


webinars 15 January 2024 Video footage of AOA Seminar 2023SDGsClimate / EnvironmentPreventionDigitalBrandingContributionOther
seminars 15 November 2021 AOA Webinar : SDGs Series 3 (Initiative for building sustainable local communities) 10/Dec/2021(Fri) 13:00(JST)SDGs
seminars 15 September 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Building out a sustainability framework for purpose-driven insurersSDGsInvesting / Fund
seminars 12 August 2021 AOA Webinar : SDGs Series 2 (Risk Reduction(Good health and disaster prevention)) 7/Sep/2021(Tue) 13:00(JST)SDGsPrevention
seminars 17 May 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Funding innovation for a sustainable and future-proof society Date: 17 June 2021, 3pm BST (UK time)SDGs
seminars 17 May 2021 AOA Webinar : SDGs Series 1 (Introduction) 8/June/2021(Tue) 13:00(JST)SDGs
seminars 17 May 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Impacting the Sustainable Development Goals through mutual microinsurance Date: 27 May 2021, 3pm BST (UK time)SDGs
seminars 20 April 2021 UPCOMING WEBINAR: Driving the shift to a circular economy through prevention and sustainable claims management,Date: 6 May 2021, 3pm BST (UK time),SDGsClimate / Environment
seminars 15 September 2020 Upcoming ICMIF Webinar: Sustainable Investment Leaders webinar series - 21-23 September 2020【終了】ICMIFウェビナー:「持続可能な投資リーダー」ウェビナーシリーズ  2020年9月21日 (月) ~23日 (水)SDGsPandemic / DisasterOther
seminars 14 July 2020 Upcoming ICMIF Webinar: Integrating the SDGs into business strategy - 21 July 2020, 3pm BST (UK time)【終了】ICMIFウェビナー:「SDGsの事業戦略への統合」 2020年7月21日 (火) 23時~0時(日本時間)SDGs
seminars 7 May 2020 Upcoming ICMIF Webinar: Disclosing your climate risks: being prepared to report against the TCFD framework - 7 May 2020, 10am UK time (GMT) 【終了】ICMIFウェビナー:「気候リスクの開示:TCFDフレームワークに準拠した報告の準備」 2020年5月7日 英国時間午前10時(日本時間:同日 午後6時)SDGsClimate / Environment
seminars 25 March 2020 Upcoming ICMIF Webinar: From thinking about climate risk to taking action - 30 April 2020, 3pm UK time (GMT) 【終了】ICMIFウェビナー:「気候リスクについて考え行動を起こす」 2020年4月30日 英国時間午後3時~4時(日本時間:同日 午後11時~午前0時)SDGsClimate / EnvironmentOther
seminars 25 February 2020 Upcoming ICMIF Webinar: The future of mutuality - 17 March 2020, 3pm UK time (GMT)【終了】ICMIFウェビナー:「相互扶助の未来」 2020年3月17日 英国時間午後3時~4時(日本時間:3月18日午前0時~1時)SDGs

AOA/ICMIF Member Visit

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