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AOA Seminar - AOA expects over 200 attendees from 32 organizations in 10 countries

AOA says that 217 attendees has registered for AOA Seminar, as of October 7, 2016. According to AOA, the total number of participating organizations is expected to reach 32, representing 10 countries.

AOA also says it is pleased to welcome a lot of non-ICMIF/AOA mutual insurers, academics from universities, and researchers of research institutes.

For the details of the seminar, visit here. 

  • Cooperative and mutual insurance organizations participating from Asia & Oceania region
No. Country  Organization 
1 India SHEPHERD (Self Help Promotion for Health and Rural Development)
2 Hong Kong Asia Affinity Holdings Limited
3 Japan Japan CO-OP Insurance Consumers’ Co-operative Federation (JCIF)
4 Japan National Mutual Insurance Federation of Fishery Co-operatives (Kyosuiren)
5 Japan National Federation of Fire insurance (Nikkaren)
6 Japan Japan Reinsurance Federation of Consumers’ Cooperatives (Saikyosairen)
7 Japan The Kyoei Fire and Marine Insurance Company, Limited
8 Japan University Co-operatives Mutual Aid Federation (UCMAF)
9 Japan National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives (Zenkyoren)
10 Japan National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives (ZENROSAI)
11 Japan Japan Cooperative Insurance Association Incorporated (JCIA)
12 Japan JA Kyosai Research Institute
13 Philippines ASKI Mutual Benefit Association (ASKI MBA)
14 Philippines CARE Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. (CARE MBA)
15 Philippines Kasagana-ka Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. (KMBA)
16 Philippines CARD Mutual Benefit Association Inc. (CARD MBA)
17 Singapore NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited
18 Sri Lanka COOP Life Insurance Ltd
19 Sri Lanka Sanasa Insurance Company Limited
20 Thailand Union Life Insurance Public Company Limited

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