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REPORT: Recent AOA Activities

We would like to report on the outline of the activities of AOA since September 2018. Events after September 2019 are what we plan to conduct or participate. Click here for the previous report (November 2017-July 2018).
Time Place Event Note
Oct. 2018 Brussels,
ICMIF Executive Committee Meeting & ICMIF Board Meeting 

ICMIF Board Meeting
At P&V’s Board Room
Dec. 2018 Hong Kong AOA Seminar
Host: Asia Affinity Holdings(Hong Kong)
Programme, Report
AOA Seminar, Hong Kong
Feb. 2019 Tokyo, Japan The 1st AOA Board of Directors Meeting 2019
Apr. 2019 Manchester,
ICMIF Executive Committee Meeting
May 2019 Seoul,
The 2nd AOA Board of Directors Meeting 2019
Host: NH Life InsuranceBoDM, Seoul 4Center: Mr. Hong, AOA Director & CEO of NH Life 

BoDM, Seoul 2
At NH Life’s Board Room
May 2019 Seoul,
AOA member visits

Visits were conducted following the AOA Board of Directors Meeting.
Jun. 2019
Thailand /
Kuala Lumpur,
AOA member visits

Saha Life
At Saha Life’s Board Room
Jun. 2019 Singapore Meetings relating to AOA Members’ Group Study Visit

Meetings were conducted following the visits to Thailand and Malaysia.
Jul.-Aug. 2019 Singapore AOA Members’ Group Study Visit

Motorcycle of Orange Force
Aug. 2019 Tokyo, Japan The 3rd AOA Board of Directors Meeting 2019
Sep.-Oct. 2019 New Zealand /
Meetings in Auckland, NZ, relating to AOA General Meeting & AOA Dinner

AOA member visits
New Zealand & Australia
Oct. 2019 Tokyo, Japan Supporting the visit of the ICMIF Secretariat to Tokyo
11-15 Nov. 2019 Auckland,
ICMIF Executive Committee Meeting & ICMIF Board Meeting /
ICMIF Biennial Conference
11 Nov. 2019 Auckland,
AOA/ICMIF Microinsurance Seminar
14 Nov. 2019 Auckland,
AOA General Meeting & Dinner

The 4th AOA Board of Directors Meeting 2019

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