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What's New

whats_new 2018.8.08 AOA-related News: ICMIF welcomes global delegates to Manchester for the ICMIF Advanced Management CourseAOA関連News:世界からの参加者をマンチェスターに集めICMIFマネジメントコースを開催
whats_new 2018.8.08 AOA-related News: NTUC Income to extend flagship development programme for youth-in-need in SingaporeAOA関連News:NTUCインカム、援助が必要なシンガポールの若者向けの最重要開発プログラムを延長
whats_new 2018.8.08 AOA-related News: German mutual insurer DEVK announces support for ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy in the PhilippinesAOA関連News:相互扶助の保険会社DEVK(ドイツ)、ICMIFのフィリピンにおける5-5-5マイクロインシュランス開発戦略への支援を発表
whats_new 2018.8.08 AOA-related News: Cooperative strength amidst rapid change focus of The Co-operators Annual General Meeting AOA関連News:コーポレーターズの年次総会で焦点となった急速な変化における協同組合の強み
whats_new 2018.8.08 AOA-related News: Ninety-seven per cent of policyholders covered by the ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy are womenAOA関連News: ICMIFの5-5-5マイクロインシュランス開発戦略の対象保険加入者の97%を女性が占める
seminars 2018.7.04 AOA Seminar in Hong Kong (Thursday 6th December – Friday 7th December 2018) - Theme is “Impact of Digital Innovation on the Strategies of Our Sector”AOAセミナーを香港で開催(2018年12月6日・7日)- 今回のテーマは「デジタル革新と協同組合/相互扶助の保険組織の戦略」
activity_plans 2018.7.04 Recent Activities of the AOA SecretariatAOA事務局 - 最近の活動概況
member_news 2018.5.21 Toward the Emergence from Poverty - Promotion of Financial Inclusion and ICMIF Strategy / Case Study of Insurance Strategy in Asia
member_news 2018.3.07 AOA-related News: A new apex organisation for Japanese cooperatives will launch on 1 April 2018AOA関連News: 2018年4月1日、日本の協同組合の新たな連携組織がスタート
member_news 2018.2.27 AOA-related News: DHAN Foundation provides cover to over 100,000 previously uninsured people in India through the ICMIF 5-5-5 Strategy
member_news 2018.2.21 AOA-related News: CARD MBA provides relief to over 50,000 members following natural disasters in the PhilippinesAOA関連News: フィリピンの CARD MBA、相次ぐ自然災害で被害を受けた50,000人超の会員メンバーを救援
member_news 2018.2.20 AOA-related News: NTUC Income achieves significant milestone in its digital transformationAOA関連News: NTUCインカムがデジタル変革の重要なマイルストーンを達成
member_news 2018.2.20 AOA-related News: ICMIF member Achmea confirms three new technical assistance assignments to support ICMIF’s 5-5-5 Strategy in India AOA関連News: ICMIF会員団体のアクメア社(オランダ)、インドにおけるICMIF5-5-5戦略のため3名の新たな技術支援要員の派遣を発表
member_news 2018.2.19 AOA-related News: JCIA publishes annual Cooperative Insurance in Japan Fact Book 2017AOA関連News: 日本共済協会が「日本の共済事業 ファクトブック2017」を発行
other_activities 2018.2.08 2018 ICMIF Advanced Management Course (AMC) and AOA Scholarship
member_news 2018.2.08 AOA-related News: CARD MBA in the Philippines launches new policy to pay claims in under 24 hoursAOA関連News: フィリピンのCARD MBA、24時間以内に保険金支払に対応する体制へ
member_news 2018.2.08 AOA-related News: NH NongHyup Life recognised for financial innovation in Republic of Korea Finance AwardsAOA関連News: NH生命保険、金融イノベーションで韓国金融賞を受賞
member_news 2018.2.08 AOA-related News: Unipol Gruppo of Italy confirmed as latest ICMIF member to support the 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance StrategyAOA関連News:イタリアのウニポール・グループ、5-5-5マイクロ・インシュランス開発戦略の新たな支援組織に ー 対象はインドのダーン・ファンデーション
member_news 2018.2.08 AOA-related News: ICMIF members The Co-operators and Länsförsäkringar visit Uplift in India for review of ICMIF’s 5-5-5 StrategyAOA関連News: ICMIF加盟組織 コーポレーターズとレンスフォーシェクリンガー、5-5-5戦略の進捗確認にインドのアップリフトを訪問
member_news 2018.2.08 AOA-related News: ICMIF member Uplift Mutuals launches new mobile app in India as part of ICMIF 5-5-5 Strategy AOA関連News: アップリフト・ミューチュアルズ(インド)、5-5-5戦略の一貫としてモバイルアプリをリリース
member_news 2018.2.08 AOA-related News: Australian Government announces plans to modernise laws for cooperatives and mutualsAOA関連News: オーストラリア政府、協同組合/相互扶助団体に関する法律の改正計画を発表
member_news 2018.2.08 AOA-related News: ICMIF’s 5-5-5 Strategy reaches over 3 million people since its launch in June 2016AOA関連News: ICMIF5-5-5マイクロ・インシュランス開発戦略、2016年6月の開始以来300万人以上に保険サービスを提供
member_news 2018.2.08 AOA-related News: NTUC Income launches low-cost solution to plug the protection gap of the “sandwiched” generation AOA関連News: NTUCインカムが「サンドイッチ世代」の保障ギャップを埋めるローコスト商品を発売
member_news 2018.2.08 AOA-related News: ICMIF member RAC to trial Australia’s first on-demand automated vehicles AOA関連News: RAC(オーストラリア)が同国初のオンデマンド自動運転車を実証実験
member_news 2018.1.19 Four organizations have newly joined AOA in 2017
general_meetings 2017.11.02 The venue of the next ICMIF Biennial Conference and AOA General Meeting in 2019 will be Auckland, New Zealand
general_meetings 2017.10.18 Results of the AOA General Meeting and the Board of Directors Meeting in 2017
member_news 2017.9.05 ICMIF’s Asia & Oceania Association welcomes its new Chair - from ICMIF website新会長を迎えたICMIFアジア・オセアニア協会【ICMIFサイトより】
other_activities 2017.8.30 New AOA Director and Chair
member_news 2017.7.31 AMICE/ICMIF Mutual and Cooperative Insurance Communications Seminar in Dublin, Ireland: An AOA member in Japan speaks about the use of cartoon characters in its marketing and promotional work
other_activities 2017.7.10 AOA members' Study Group Visit to Sri Lanka - November 28 and 29, 2017
member_news 2017.6.23 AOA arranges visits to Japanese member organizations
activity_plans 2017.6.22 AOA Board Meeting held in Tokyo
other_activities 2017.6.22 [The End of June is approaching!] Early Bird Discount! - ICMIF's Singapore Advanced Management Course (AMC) [Special Discount for AOA Members] 6月末までの期間限定です!【AOA会員限定】 早期割引のお知らせ! - シンガポール開催のICMIFアドバンスト マネジメントコース (AMC)
member_news 2017.3.27 New Chair of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF), Hilde Vernaillen visited East Asian countries
member_news 2017.3.15 How cute characters are helping Japanese cooperatives engage with their members
member_news 2017.2.20 [ICMIF Brochure] The VALUE OF BELONGING - The Value of Networking, The Value of Knowledge, The Value of Globa Influence, The Value of Markets, Our HistoryPDF
member_news 2017.2.08 Member news: ICMIF welcomes KASAGANA-KA Mutual Benefit Association, Inc. from The Philippines as a new member
other_activities 2017.2.01 ICMIF members pledge support for vulnerable communities through the 5-5-5
other_activities 2017.1.26 Schedule of 2017 ICMIF Advanced Management Course (AMC) and AOA Scholarship2017年ICMIFアドバンスト マネジメントコース (AMC)の日程とAOA奨学金のご案内
general_meetings 2017.1.20 AOA Biennial General Meeting - Wednesday 18th October 2017, London, UK
member_news 2017.1.12 The Goat Trust has joined AOA from India
activity_plans 2016.12.22 Report on AOA Seminar 2016 (Summary, Presentation Materials, Pictures, etc.)
activity_plans 2016.12.21 Report on the visit to ICMIF training course (HPC: High Potential Course) in Singapore
member_news 2016.12.05 AOA Member Report [#2] NTUC Income, Singapore
member_news 2016.11.12 AOA Member Report [#1] CARD MBA, Philippines
member_news 2016.11.01 KMBA, a microinsurance organization in Philippines, has just joined AOA !
seminars 2016.10.28 Thank you very much for attending the AOA Seminar 2016
seminars 2016.10.17 UPDATED: AOA Seminar in Tokyo - October 25-26, 2016 - Main topics are the digitalization in the insurance industry and the younger generations (Gen Y)日程表更新: AOAセミナー開催(2016年10月25日、東京)   トピックは共済・保険分野での「デジタル技術」の活用とデジタル技術に馴染みが深い「若者層(Generation Y)」
seminars 2016.10.07 AOA Seminar - AOA expects over 200 attendees from 32 organizations in 10 countries
member_news 2016.10.01 Japan's three AOA member organizations have interacted with female leaders from Southeast Asia (Tokyo, Japan)
member_news 2016.9.26 ICMIF runs an article on AOA members' Study Group Visit to CARD MBA, Philippines, on its official websiteICMIF公式サイトがCARD MBA(フィリピン)訪問団をレポート
other_activities 2016.9.13 ICMIF Leadership + (AMC, HPC) in Singapore in November
member_news 2016.9.05 Article on ICMIF’s Asia and Oceania Association (from ICMIF Quarterly Update Q2 2016)
activity_plans 2016.8.17 AOA members Visited CARD MBA, Philippines - Learned about microinsurance, Aug. 2 & 3, 2016
member_news 2016.5.12 AOA gives ASKI MBA, a microinsurance organization in Philippines, a warm welcome !
other_activities 2016.3.31 AOA member’s Study Group 2016
seminars 2016.3.31 AOA Seminar 2016
activity_plans 2016.2.24 AOA sends study group to its member organization in New Zealand to learn from FMG’s efforts
activity_plans 2015.12.25 Results of AOA General Meeting and the Board of Directors Meeting in 2015
other_activities 2015.12.25 On the occasion of launching the AOA Website
member_news 2015.12.25 Please Send Us Information and Articles for “Member News”